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Chlorite Mineral Group

Chlorite group minerals occur mainly in low temperature metamorphic rocks on Earth. However, chlorites may also form by the breakdown of basalts in the presence of water. This makes them likely candidates to be found on planetary surfaces where liquid water and basalts might have interacted (or be interacting).

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Chamosite CHM102 NMNH R4558
Chlorite CG/BG 1
Chlorite CG/BG 2
Chlorite CG/BG 3
Chlorite CG/BG 4
Chlorite CG/BG 5
Chlorite CG/BG 6
Chlorite CG/BG 7
Chlorite CG/BG 9
Chlorite Chlo-1, Michalski
Chlorite Chlo-1 10 GPa, Michalski
Chlorite Chlo-1 20 GPa, Michalski
Chlorite Chlo-1 25.2 GPa, Michalski
Chlorite Chlo-1 29.2 GPa, Michalski
Chlorite Chlo-1 35.3 GPa, Michalski
Chlorite Chlo-1 38.6 GPa, Michalski
Chlorite M-273-62
Chlorite P2
Chlorite P3
Chlorite Ra-a2-66
Chlorite Ra-a35-66
Chlorite Ra-a3-66
Chlorite Ra-a47-66
Chlorite Ra-a48-66
Chlorite Ra-a96-66
Chlorite Ra-b15-66
Chlorite Ra-c1-66
Chlorite Ra-c84-66
Chlorite Ra-d64-66
Chlorite Ra-d75-66
Chlorite Ra-d80-66
Chlorite Ra-d81-66
Chlorite Ra-d86-66
Chlorite Ra-d91-66
Chlorite Ra-d94-66
Chlorite Ra-d95-66
Chlorite, California
Chlorite, ICHCA3
Chlorite, ICHCAS
Chlorite, ICHMIS
Chlorite, ICHVT3
Chlorite, ICHVTS
Chlorite, IHC21C
Chlorite, IHC21D
Chlorite, JHCZ85
Chlorite, JMCKCH
Chlorite, JSCHCA
Chlorite, JSCHVT
Chlorite, JSUFPM
Chlorite, JVT45P
Chlorite, K21DCH
Chlorite, KCH121
Chlorite, Klein
Chlorite, L1D94C
Chlorite, L2D86C
Chlorite, L3015C
Chlorite, L3D80C
Chlorite, L3D81C
Chlorite, L4A47C
Chlorite, L4A48C
Chlorite, L4GC1C
Chlorite, L5A3GC
Chlorite, N29855
Chlorite, N3017C
Chlorite, NY35HA
Chlorite, PACDC1
Chlorite, PACDC2
Chlorite, PHCB1C
Chlorite, PHCB2C
Chlorite, THCAD1
Chlorite, THCAD2
Chlorite, THCHB1
Chlorite, THCHB2
Chlorite, UCLINO
Chlorite, Vermont
Chlorite. ED6466.
Chlorite. HV-4.
Chlorite. ICHCA3.
Chlorite. ICHCAS.
Chlorite. ICHVTS.
Chlorite. JSCHCA.
Chlorite. JSCHVT.
Chlorite. L1D64C.
Chlorite. L1D64C.
Chlorite. L1D75C.
Chlorite. L1D91C.
Chlorite. L1D94C.
Chlorite. L1D95C.
Chlorite. M-273-62.
Chlorite. Ra-a20-66.
Chlorite. Ra-a35-66.
Chlorite. Ra-a96-66.
Chlorite. Ra-b15-66.
Chlorite. Ra-C4-66.
Chlorite. Ra-c84-66.
Clinochlore CLI101 Cloutis
Clinochlore, West Chester, PA
Clinochlore, West Chester, PA, from crystal
Ripidolite Cca-2 JB794

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