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Micas (True), Dioctahedral

True micas with dioctahedral structures include the commonly-occurring mineral muscovite, which is very comon in granites and pegmatitic rocks.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Celadonite CEL101
Celadonite RRC
Glauconite, Hurricane Mountain
Glauconite, Hurricane Mountain.
Hendricksite SHCG1H
Illite IMt-1 JB782
Muscovite END 2062
Muscovite END 98933
Muscovite GLM478
Muscovite HLM501
Muscovite HLM511
Muscovite HLM561
Muscovite ILM427
Muscovite ILM428
Muscovite ILM476
Muscovite ILM503
Muscovite ILM506
Muscovite ILM548
Muscovite ILM549
Muscovite JGMJ65
Muscovite JGMRA4
Muscovite JGMRD4
Muscovite JGMUK8
Muscovite JLM245
Muscovite JLM555
Muscovite JLM569
Muscovite K8687M
Muscovite NGM150
Muscovite NGM350
Muscovite NGM50A
Muscovite O-B-41
Muscovite O-J-65
Muscovite PRAA29
Muscovite PRAA66
Muscovite Q0J73A
Muscovite Q0K29C
Muscovite Q1218F
Muscovite Q5811D
Muscovite QE10MU
Muscovite QG1759
Muscovite QG4759
Muscovite QG7MUS
Muscovite QG83MU
Muscovite QG91MU
Muscovite QG95mu
Muscovite QG96MU
Muscovite QG97MU
Muscovite QG9863
Muscovite QGB4MU
Muscovite QGL10M
Muscovite QGOC17
Muscovite QGOC18
Muscovite QGOK10
Muscovite QGRA31
Muscovite QGRAB5
Muscovite QGRAC6
Muscovite QGRAD7
Muscovite QRAA65
Muscovite QRAA69
Muscovite QRAB64
Muscovite QRAB65
Muscovite QRAC1B
Muscovite QRAC35
Muscovite QRAD9A
Muscovite R2218F
Muscovite R2AC4E
Muscovite R2GB41
Muscovite R2GH72
Muscovite Ra-a29-66
Muscovite Ra-c35-66
Muscovite RC112M
Muscovite RC143M
Muscovite RCAP27
Muscovite RCM129
Muscovite RCNL25
Muscovite RG013M
Muscovite RG28MU
Muscovite RGO13M
Muscovite RGOH49
Muscovite S2OG92
Muscovite SBG-10
Muscovite SBG-96
Muscovite SGMOT1
Muscovite SGZ863
Muscovite SMOH56
Muscovite V2ATL5
Muscovite V2ATL6
Muscovite V2E1K6
Muscovite V2KVA5
Muscovite, K1371M
Muscovite, K5237M
Muscovite. HV-101.
Muscovite. HV-104.
Muscovite. HV-112.
Muscovite. HV-4
Muscovite O-K-47 Maine

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