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Feldspar Group Minerals

Feldspars are the commonly occurring mineral group in the Earth's crust (and probably in the silicate crusts of other terrestrial planets). They occur in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Anorthite, Lake Co., California
Anorthite, 12K
Anorthite, 17K
Anorthite, 21K
Anorthite, 35K
Anorthite, 50K
Anorthite, 70K
Anorthite, 90K
Anorthite, 110K
Anorthite, 140K
Anorthite, 170K
Anorthite, 210K
Anorthite, 250K
Anorthite, 300K
Anorthite, 12K
Anorthite, 21K
Anorthite, 30K
Anorthite, 40K
Anorthite, 50K
Anorthite, 60K
Anorthite, 70K
Anorthite, 80K
Anorthite, 90K
Anorthite, 100K
Anorthite, 115K
Anorthite, 130K
Anorthite, 145K
Anorthite, 160K
Anorthite, 175K
Anorthite, 200K
Anorthite, 225K
Anorthite, 250K
Anorthite, 275K
Anorthite, 300K
Anorthite, x1102101
Anorthite, x1101801
Feldspar, Lake Co., Oregon.
Feldspar, Hildreth Q-81
Plagioclase B1
Plagioclase B12
Plagioclase B16
Plagioclase B17
Plagioclase B20
Plagioclase B21
Plagioclase B22
Plagioclase B23
Plagioclase B25
Plagioclase B27
Plagioclase B29
Plagioclase B33
Plagioclase BS1
Plagioclase BS10-b
Plagioclase BS16
Plagioclase BS19
Plagioclase BS22
Plagioclase BS28
Plagioclase BS31
Plagioclase BS7
Plagioclase BT11-b
Plagioclase BT13-b
Plagioclase BT15
Plagioclase BT1-b
Plagioclase BT21-b
Plagioclase BT28
Plagioclase BT3
Plagioclase BT-33b
Plagioclase BT5-b
Plagioclase BT9
Synthetic Ferric Feldspar
Synthetic Ferrous Feldspar
Feldspar B-137
Feldspar B-81
Plagioclase Q-5
Feldspar S94A7
Feldspar Tum 3
Feldspar K-139
Feldspar MSH
Feldspar 35137.1
Labradorite Tim Glotch
Plagioclase 5851 (An2), Leah Cheek
Plagioclase 1382 (An73), Leah Cheek
Plagioclase SS (An68), Leah Cheek
Feldspar PL-15, Synthetic, Leah Cheek
Feldspar PL-18, Synthetic, Leah Cheek
Split Rock Anathosite, Leah Cheek
Plagioclase GemLabr 1-12, Leah Cheek
Feldspar, Bushveld B-16

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