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On terrestrial planets, glasses are formed when magmas cool quickly from a liquid state, or when lightning strikes or meteor impacts melt the rocks where they hit.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Almandine Glass JBALMG
Basaltic glass NNO+1_2
Basaltic glass NNO+3_2
Basaltic glass NNO+3_dPt
Basaltic glass NNO+5_2
Basaltic glass NNO-1.5_2
Basaltic glass NNO-1.5_Pt
Basaltic glass NNO-3_7
Basaltic glass NNO-3_dPt
DD Glass K2296 1
DD Glass K2294 3
DD Glass K2295 2
DD Glass 2292 4
Eygpt Glass
Fayalite Glass DCOL
Green Glass GGD1, Gillis-Davis
Orange Glass OGD1, Gillis-Davis
Yellow Glass YGD1, Gillis-Davis
Red Glass RGD1, Gillis-Davis
Glass, AND-1 QFM McCanta
Glass, AND-1 AIR McCanta
Glass, AND-1 IW McCanta
Glass, AND-2 QFM McCanta
Glass, AND-2 AIR McCanta
Glass, AND-2 IW McCanta
Glass, AND-3 QFM McCanta
Glass, AND-3 AIR McCanta
Glass, AND-3 IW McCanta
Glass, AND-4 QFM McCanta
Glass, AND-4 IW McCanta
Glass, AND-5 QFM McCanta
Glass, AND-5 AIR McCanta
Glass, AND-5 IW McCanta
Glass, BAA-1 QFM McCanta
Glass, BAA-1 AIR McCanta
Glass, BAA-1 IW McCanta
Glass, BAA-2 QFM McCanta
Glass, BAA-2 IW McCanta
Glass, BAA-3 QFM McCanta
Glass, BAA-3 AIR McCanta
Glass, BAA-3 IW McCanta
Glass, BAS-1 QFM McCanta
Glass, BAS-1 AIR McCanta
Glass, BAS-1 IW McCanta
Glass, BAS-2 QFM McCanta
Glass, BAS-3 IW McCanta
Glass, BAS-3 AIR McCanta
Glass, BAS-4 QFM McCanta
Glass, BAS-4 AIR McCanta
Glass, BAS-4 IW McCanta
Glass, BAS-5 QFM McCanta
Glass, BAS-5 IW McCanta
Glass, Fa-Plag 1.005 Lindsley
Glass, Fa-Plag 1.006 Lindsley
Glass, Fa-Plag 1.103 Lindsley
Glass, Fa-Plag 1.203 Lindsley
Glass, Fa-Plag 1.204 Lindsley
Glass, Fa-Plag 1.301 Lindsley
Glass, Fa-Plag 1.302 Lindsley
Glass, KOM-2 QFM McCanta
Glass, KOM-3 QFM McCanta
Glass IBG650
Glass MSNJ-17, McCanta
Glass MSNJ-23, McCanta
Glass MSNJ-24, McCanta
Glass MSNJ-25, McCanta
Glass, S62.5R
Glass, S6256R
Glass, S650.5R
Glass, S66.5R
Glass 914, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 919, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 920, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 923, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 924, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 927, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1009, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1013A, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1013B, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1015, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1017A, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1017B, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1019A, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
Glass 1019B, J. Gardner, U. of Texas
JB Glass 83-59 R(3)
JB Glass 85-43 S(4)
JB Glass 82-70 P(1)
JB Glass 85-3 Q(2)
Lazareva Fayalite Starting Powder
Lazareva Fayalite/Ar Glass
Pin-Dac Glass oxidized fO2=atm, A. Bell
Pin-Dac Glass C-CO-CO2 buffer, A. Bell
PD-2K-1 Glass, A. Bell
PD-2K-3 Glass, A. Bell
PD-2K-4 Glass, A. Bell
Righter glass #2
Righter glass #3
Righter glass M49-4
Righter glass M4A-1
Righter glass M4A-4
Reduced Glass IBRGL4
Starke Florida A Fulgurite Glass

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