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Hydroxide and Oxidic Hydrate Group Minerals

Hydroxide group minerals occur as weathering or alteration products of oxide minerals, and are often formed under oxidizing comnditions. They are likely candiates to be found on the surface of Mars if water was once present there.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

20% NHF 100C, M. Fan, T-series
20% NHF 180C, M. Fan, T-series
20% NHF 25C, M. Fan, T-series
Akaganeite Nanophase 1GOE 07/2010 J. Bosch T-series
Akaganeite, Sklute, Ak020515
Akaganeite, Sklute, Ak102315
FeOOH 25C, M. Fan, T-series
Ferrihydrite 1: DB seep surf 2, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 10: chat 1-3 <44, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 2: DB seep bio, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 3: Ad, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 4: 22 1, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 5: ken 1-1, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 6: DB3 fine >44, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 7: DB3 fine >74, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 8: chat 1 >44, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 9: chat 1 >74, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite 96214, Smedley's Mine
Ferrihydrite DB B+1 20 cm, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite JB 564 Czech Soos-1
Ferrihydrite JB 565 Czech Soos-2
Ferrihydrite Nanophase 1GOE 03/2010 J. Bosch T-series
Ferrihydrite Nanophase 1GOE 06/2008 J. Bosch T-series
Ferrihydrite Nanophase 1GOE 07/2010 J. Bosch T-series
Ferrihydrite R, E. Estes
Ferrihydrite, air dried
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-150-0-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-150-1-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-40-0-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-40-1-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-40-2-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-40-3-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-40-h-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, FH-ini, 21 may
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, SG-FH-150-0-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, SG-FH-150-1-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, SG-FH-40-0-A
Ferrihydrite, Dehouk, SG-FH-40-4-A
Ferrihydrite, dehydrated JB-JLB-820
Ferrihydrite, dehydrated JB-JLB-821
Ferrihydrite, dehydrated JB-JLB-822
Ferrihydrite, dehydrated JB-JLB-823
Ferrihydrite, Icelandic, JA499
Ferrihydrite, Icelandic, JB 498
Ferrihydrite, JB-JLB-499
Ferrihydrite, reduced synthetic, JB 428
Ferrihydrite, reduced synthetic, JB 431
Ferrihydrite, synthetic JB46
Ferrihydrite, Synthetic, 2nm grain size
Ferrihydrite, Synthetic, 4nm grain size
Ferrihydrite, Synthetic, 6nm grain size
Ferrihydrite, synthetic, JB 409
Ferrihydrite, synthetic, JB 45
Ferrihydrite, test E. Sklute
Ferrihydrite, Wet Fh B Frozen, Sully
Ferrihydrites, SG-FH-15-0-A, Erwin
Ferrihydrites, SG-FH-40-4-A, Erwin
Goethite Nanophase 1GOE 07/20/10 J. Bosch T-series
Goethite, 125086
Goethite, 7nm
Goethite, 83831
Goethite, Florissant, HMM 119377
Goethite, nano YLO 1888D
Goethite, nano YLO 3288D
Goethite, nanophase, A1
Goethite, nanophase, B1
Goethite, nanophase, C1
Goethite, reduced synthetic, JB 438
Goethite, Sklute, 030216
Goethite, Sklute, Goet011515
Goethite, Sklute, Goet012315
Goethite, synthetic JB 54
Iron Oxide, FH-150-0-A
Iron Oxide, FH-150-1-A
Iron Oxide, FH-40-0-A
Iron Oxide, FH-40-2-A
Iron Oxide, SG-Fh-150-1-A
Lepidocrocite, Sklute, Lep030415
Lepidocrocite, Sklute, Lep100615_2
Lepidocrocite, synthetic, JB 56
Lepidocrocite, synthetic, JB50
Lepidocrocite, Zuckmantel, HMM 81159
Lepidocrocite, Sklute, LEP052616

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