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Kaolin-Serpentine Group Minerals

Kaolinite-serpentine group minerals are platy minerals that tend to occur in fine-grained masses.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Antigorite Cassiar-139
Antigorite GP-2B, Bernard Evans
Antigorite IHC139
Antigorite JA559 An-0
Antigorite JA560 An-1
Antigorite JA561 An-3
Antigorite JA562 An-10
Antigorite JA563 An-30
Antigorite OF2835, Bernard Evans
Antigorite, Evans IM-1B
Antigorite, Evans IM-3A
Antigorite, Evans R070228
Antigorite, Evans, 38-NZ-62
Antigorite, Evans, 90-WR
Antigorite, Evans, 94-NZ-62
Antigorite, Evans, ATG 75-32
Antigorite, Evans, ATG 75-34
Antigorite, Evans, ATG USNM 166405
Antigorite, Evans, ATG-MG-47
Antigorite, Evans, BM 1912,392
Antigorite, Evans, BM 1917,232
Antigorite, Evans, BM 1922,651
Antigorite, Evans, BM 1966,500
Antigorite, Evans, BM 31725
Antigorite, Evans, BM 65354
Antigorite, Evans, BM 66586
Antigorite, Evans, Tilly Foster Mine
Antigorite, Evans, Uehara A1
Antigorite, Evans, Uehara A5
Antigorite, Evans, Uehara N7
Antigorite, O'Hanley C139
Chrysotile Cassiar-167
Chrysotile Cassiar-200
Chrysotile IC167
Chrysotile IC200
Chrysotile QW11AC
Chrysotile TCC50B
Chrysotile TCC54C
Chrysotile TCJ68E
Chrysotile TCW15C
Chrysotile TCW54F
Chrysotile TPJ68J
Chrysotile TPW15C
Chrysotile TPW54C
Chrysotile V2W82D
Chrysotile W15 Woodsreef
Greenalite, Evans
Kaolinite <2 um, Michalski
Kaolinite 10.3 GPa, Michalski
Kaolinite 20 GPa, Michalski
Kaolinite 25.1 GPa, Michalski
Kaolinite 29.3 GPa, Michalski
Kaolinite 35.6 GPa, Michalski
Kaolinite 39.6 Gpa, Michalski
Kaolinite Kga-1b 10.3 Gpa, Michalski
Lizardite 88050-0001
Lizardite 88050-0004
Lizardite Cassiar-50
Lizardite Cassiar-51
Lizardite Cassiar-52
Lizardite Cassiar-53
Lizardite Cassiar-54
Lizardite Cassiar-55
Lizardite Cassiar-56
Lizardite IH9804
Lizardite IHJ2B
Lizardite IHW26A
Lizardite IHW26B
Lizardite J-2A Jeffrey Mine
Lizardite J-32B Jeffrey Mine
Lizardite J-51 Jeffrey Mine
Lizardite J-51 Jeffrey Mine
Lizardite J-7 Jeffrey Mine
Lizardite M19804 Madoc Townshi[
Lizardite W22a Woodsreef
Lizardite W26a Woodsreef
Lizardite W26b Woodsreef
Lizardite W68 Woodsreef
Picrolite W15
Serpentine <2 um, Michalski
Serpentine 9.8 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 19.7 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 25.3 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 27.9 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 28.9 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 31.4 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 32.1 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 35.2 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine 38.8 GPa, Michalski
Serpentine CSWI-27-28-shoe-A
Serpentine CSWI-27-28-shoe-B
Serpentine CSWI-28a-clay-A
Serpentine CSWI-28a-clay-B
Serpentine CSWI-28a-hard
Serpentine CSWI-28C-A
Serpentine CSWI-28C-B
Serpentine McL-1-A
Serpentine McL-81_167_238 to EDH_B22_B_Bulk
Serpentine McL-M81-309-105-B11-B1
Serpentine McL-M81-309-105-B11-B2
Serpentine McL-M81-309-150-15-A
Serpentine McL-M81-309-84-B8-A1
Serpentine McL-M81-313-210-B22-A3
Serpentine McL-M81-313-318-B34
Serpentine McL-M81-313-329
Serpentine McL-M81-313-356 to 356.6-B38-B-Bulk
Serpentine MLC-QV1-140-M-B Mix A
Serpentine MLC-QV1-140-M-B Mix B
Serpentine MLC-QV1-140-Mdkgrn
Serpentine MLC-QV1-140-Tserpmud-A
Serpentine MLC-QV1-140-Tserpmud-B
Serpentine MLC-QV2-140-Shoe-A
Serpentine MLC-QV2-140-Shoe-B
Serpentine Nor4-12_back_green
Serpentine Nor4-13_back
Serpentine Nor4-9_back
Serpentine PHL-PB-1
Serpentine PHL-PB-2-Grn
Serpentine PHL-PB-2-Mix
Serpentine PHL-PB-2-RED
Serpentine PHL-PB-3
Serpentine PHL-PB-4
Serpentine PHL-PB-5
Serpentine SRP 117
Serpentinite HOSC54
Shocked Clay Kaolinite Kga-1b
Shocked Kaolinite 35.6 Gpa

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