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Mineral Mixtures

For the purpose of understanding how real rocks look when studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy, we are initiating the study of mixtures of mineral phases. Here we show mixtures of minerals that may be found on the surface of Mars (or other planets).

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Mix 1 1:1 hematite to lepidocrocite
Mix 2 1:1 goethite to jarosite
Mix 3 2:1 ilmenite to hematite
Mix 4 2:1 magnetite to ferrihydrite
Mix 5 10:1 clinopyroxene to forsterite
Mix 6 1:1 orthopyroxene to fayalite
Mix 7 10:1 clinopyroxene to fayalite
Mix 8 1:10 clinopyroxene to fayalite
Mix 9 1:10 clinopyroxene to forsterite
Mix 10 1:1 clinopyroxene to enstatite
Mix 11 1:1 clinopyroxene to forsterite
Mix 12: 1:1 mixture of ferric sulfate and ferrous sulfate
Mix 13 1:1 mixture of synthetic Fo0 olivine and andradite standard garnet
JB954 Fo25 Mgs 75
JB956 Fo75 Mgs25
JB957 Fo90 Mgs10
JB958 Fo10 Mgs90
JB960 Fo25 Non75
JB961 Fo50 Non50
JB953 Non50 Mgs50
JB962 Fo75 Non25
JB963 Fo90 Non10
JB964 Fo10 Non90
JB965 Fo50 Non25 Mgs25
JB966 Fo20 Non40 Mgs40
JB967 Fo20 Non20 Mgs60
JB968 Fo20 Non10 Mgs70
JB955 Fo50 Mgs50
Lindsey Usp80Mt20
Lindsey 50%Mt20 Usp80 50% Ilm80
Lindsey Ilm90Hem10
Magnesite JB946e
Nontronite JB790a
Foresterite JB945a

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