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Olivine Group Minerals

Olivine group minerals are common constituents of igneous rocks such as basalts, and are common in meteorites as well. They are highly vulnerable to alteration when they come into contact with water, often breaking down to form chlorite or serpentine group minerals.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Alha 77005
EETA 79001
Fayalite, Eric Ferre
Fayalite, Rockport
Fayalite, Synthetic
Fayalite, Synthetic
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo0, Lindsley
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo0, Menzies
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo10, Lindsley
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo10, Menzies
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo20, Lindsley
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo20, Menzies
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo30, Lindsley
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo30, Menzies
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo40, Lindsley
Fayalite, Synthetic Fo40, Menzies
Fayalite/Forsterite, Synthetic Fo50, Lindsley
Fayalite/Forsterite, Synthetic Fo50, Menzies
Forsterite Ep-1-13
Forsterite H-312-50
Forsterite SC-1-1
Forsterite Standard H131929
Forsterite, Dish Hill
Forsterite, Harrat al Kishb 131929
Forsterite, Jagersfontein
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo60, Lindsley
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo60, Menzies
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo70, Lindsley
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo70, Menzies
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo70, new synthesis, Lindsley
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo80, Lindsley
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo80, Menzies
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo89.5, Lindsley
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo89.5, new synthesis, Lindsley
Forsterite, Synthetic Fo90, Menzies
Foresterite JB945a
Hibbits Olivine, Heated
Hibbits Olivine APL, Unbaked
Irradiated olivine
Kiglapait, KI 3005 olivine Fo 10.5
Kiglapait, KI 3054 olivine Fo 66.4
Kiglapait, KI 3362 olivine Fo 60.4
Kiglapait, KI 3648 olivine Fo 71.6
Kiglapait, KI 3829 olivine Fo 23.2
Kiglapait, KI 4143 olivine Fo 38.8
LEW 88516
Mackwell Synthetic
Mars meteorite, Y-984028 exterior, olivine separate
Mars meteorite, Y-984028 interior, olivine separate
NMNH 9140, Hortonolite olivine
NMNH 13639, Montecellite olivine
NMNH 79051-2, Montecellite olivine
NMNH 84622, Fayalite olivine
NMNH 95900-1, Fayalite olivine
NMNH 97539, Iddingsite olivine
NMNH 159061, Montecellite olivine
NMNH 1210672, Fayalite olivine
NWA 2737
Gaetani olivine SC
Gaetani olivine SCOFe3-1
Gaetani olivine SCOFe3-2
Globe olivine 38-63um
Globe olivine Dosed CO2
Olivine Ba-2-1 A-2
Olivine Ba-2-1 A-3
Olivine Ba-2-1 B-1
Olivine Ba-2-1 D-1
Olivine Ba-2-3
Olivine DH-101-B
Olivine DH-101-C
Olivine DH-101-D
Olivine DH-101-E
Olivine Ep-1-13
Olivine Ep-3-139 B
Olivine Ep-3-139 C
Olivine Ep-3-139 D
Olivine, San Carlos
Olivine, San Carlos, heated
Olivine, San Carlos, dosed CO2, heated
Olivine, San Carlos, LT75um fresh
Olivine, San Carlos, LT75um 10 mins
Olivine, San Carlos, LT75um 20 mins
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ba-1-61
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ba-1-74
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ci-1-183
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ci-1-25
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H-279-12
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H30-B1
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H30-B3
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H30-B4
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H30-B5
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H312-1
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H-312-50
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite H366-30
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite KBH-94-1
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ki-5-16
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ki-5-235
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ki-5-35
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ki-5-5L
Olivine from Spinel Peridotite Ki-5-62
Olivine H30-B2
Olivine Ki-5-31
Olivine LAP 04840,16
Olivine Sc-1-1
Olivine, Irradiated San Carlos
Olivine, Irradiated San Carlos #1
Olivine, Irradiated San Carlos #2
Olivine, Irradiated San Carlos #3
Olivine, Irradiated San Carlos #4
Olivine, Irradiated San Carlos #5
Olivine, Irradiated San Carlos #6
Olivine, Unaltered
Olivine, Unaltered, San Carlos.
Olivine. HSC0142.
Olivine. HSCCON.
Olivine. HSC0150.
Olivine. HSC0170.
Olivine. HSC1570.
Olivine. NMOAIR.
Olivine. NMSARO.
Olivine, LSC151
Olivine, KST07l
Olivine, LSC152
Olivine, KST38L
Olivine, KST33L
Olivine, KSTUNL
Olivine, KSTOLI
Olivine, KST37L
Olivine, NMSOCO
Olivine, NMSA80
Olivine, PMRFAY
Olivine, NSC153
Olivine, PMFAY3
Olivine, PMFAY1
Olivine, PMFAY2
Olivine, VMCDIL
Olivine, VMCDIS
Spinel Ep-3-139 A
Spinel Ep-3-139 B
Spinel Ep-3-139 C
Spinel Ep-3-139 D
Pure olivine, KBH 94-23-E
Pure olivine, KBH 94-23-B
Pure olivine, EP-3-44
Pure olivine, EP-3-72
Fayalite, NMNH 135841
Olivine + CPX + pl trace, KI 3003
Olivine + oxides, KI 3373
Olivine + CPX, KI 4076
Olivine, KI 4030
Olivine, 90613
Monticellite, NMNH 159061
Olivine, 112085
Olivine, NMNH 85539
Forsterite, CDH-194
Olivine, NMNH 104576
Forsterite, NWP Pakistan
Olivine, NMNH 90025
Forsterite, CH-190
Forsterite, CH-194
Forsterite, CH-187
Forsterite, UM-12
Olivine, NMNH 90025

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