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Oxide Minerals

Several different groups of oxide minerals exist, sharing the common characteristic of being sbased on a structure composed primarily of oxygen.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Ferrihydrite JB-JLB-499; 5 Temps
Gahnite 111989
Heavies, AA9566G
Heavies, AA9666G
Heavies, AB466G
Heavies, BA1466G
Heavies, BA29366G
Heavies, BA3366G
Heavies, BB4866G
Hematite 22-30 nm, Iron (III) oxide; 5 Temps
Hematite 763; 5 Temps
Hematite 92649
Hematite DSW 2-3
Hematite Eric Ferre #1
Hematite Eric Ferre #2
Hematite JB 707
Hematite JB 708
Hematite Nanophase 1GOE 07/2010 J. Bosch; T-Series
Hematite RS6-1-B
Hematite, KM926H
Hematite, Sklute, Hem022015
Hematite, Sklute, HEM030216
Hematite, Sklute, Hem100915
Hematite, Synthetic <5 um, Sigma 31005-0; T-Series
Hematite, synthetic <5 um; T-Series
Hemo-Ilmenite 1007.01
Hemo-Ilmenite 4-3
hemo-ilmenite, McEnroe
Hercynite 96710; 5 Temps
Ilmenite 711
Ilmenite HV-10, Hunts Valley
Ilmenite KI-2193, Tony Morse; 5 Temps
Ilmenite MHC 5138, Standish Mine, Warwick, NY
Ilmenite MHC 6119, Waterford, MA
Ilmenite Ra-a65-66
Ilmenite, FHV4IL
Ilmenite, G104IL
Ilmenite, GH10IL
Ilmenite, GH16IL
Ilmenite, Riner, 14119LD 9/06; 5 Temps
Ilmenite, Riner, 20724JB 1/05; 5 Temps
Ilmenite, Riner, 20724JB 9/06; 5 Temps
Maghemite JB301; T-Series
Maghemite VI.1 70-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa; T-series
Maghemite VI.2 100-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa; T-series
Maghemite VI.3, I. Nyiro-Kosa, RT
Maghemite VI.4 12-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa; T-series
Maghemite, IRM
Maghemite, Sklute, MAGH061815
Magnesioferrite #775, Parise; 3 Temps
Magnetite 46-4846
Magnetite I.1 12-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa; T-series
Magnetite III.1 70-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa; T-series
Magnetite IV.1 100-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa; T-series
Magnetite JB307; T-series
Magnetite V.1 62-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa, RT
Magnetite V.2 277-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa; T-series
Magnetite, Hanchar, Balmat
Magnetite, Hanchar, ELL-14-03
Magnetite, Hanchar, ELL-14-07
Magnetite, Hanchar, K-1
Magnetite, Hanchar, KRN-10-02
Magnetite, Hanchar, KRN-11-03
Magnetite, Hanchar, martite
Magnetite, Li, BIF2
Magnetite, Li, BIF-2
Magnetite, Li, BrY
Magnetite, Li, C1
Magnetite, Li, CN32
Magnetite, Li, Ex 37
Magnetite, Li, Frio A
Magnetite, Li, Frio B
Magnetite, Li, GC-Mix
Magnetite, Li, GS152; 5 Temps
Magnetite, Li, M3
Magnetite, Li, MV1
Magnetite, Li, PV1
Magnetite, Li, PV4
Magnetite, Li, TOR 39
Magnetite, Li, TOR39F
Magnetite, Li, W3
Magnetite, Sklute, Mag041415
Magnetite, Sklute, Mag060516
Magnetite. PMFE34.
Magnetite/Maghemite I.2 70-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa, RT
Magnetite/Maghemite III.2 120-nm, I. Nyiro-Kosa, RT
Magnetite/Minor Goethite II.1, I. Nyiro-Kosa, RT
Perovskite 87332
Schwertmannite, natural JB130; 5 Temps
Spinel Amity Sp Brown Univ
Spinel Ba-1-61
Spinel Ba-1-74
Spinel Ba-2-1 A-1
Spinel Ba-2-1 A-2
Spinel Ba-2-1 A-3
Spinel Ba-2-1 B-1
Spinel Ba-2-1 D-1
Spinel Ba-2-3
Spinel Be-001
Spinel Be-002
Spinel Be-05
Spinel Be-06
Spinel Br-01
Spinel Br-02
Spinel Br-04
Spinel Br-06
Spinel Br-07
Spinel Br-08
Spinel Br-11
Spinel Br-14
Spinel Ci-1-183
Spinel Ci-1-25
Spinel Cima Ki-5-52
Spinel CrSp1_1
Spinel CrSp1_2
Spinel CrSp1_3
Spinel CrSp1_4
Spinel DH-101-B
Spinel DH-101-C
Spinel DH-101-D
Spinel DH-101-E
Spinel Ep-1-13
Spinel Ep-1-13, Potrillo Maar
Spinel FeSp6_1
Spinel FeSp6_10
Spinel FeSp6_11
Spinel FeSp6_12
Spinel FeSp6_2
Spinel FeSp6_3
Spinel FeSp6_4
Spinel FeSp6_5
Spinel FeSp6_7
Spinel FeSp6_8
Spinel FeSp6_9
Spinel FeSp7_6
Spinel FeSp8-1
Spinel FeSp8-2
Spinel FeSp8-3
Spinel FeSp8-4
Spinel Fo2sp-01
Spinel Fo2sp-03
Spinel H279-12
Spinel H30-82-8
Spinel H30-B1
Spinel H30-b1 Al-Kishb
Spinel H30-B2
Spinel H30-B3
Spinel H30-b4
Spinel H30-B5
Spinel H312-1
Spinel H312-47
Spinel H366-30
Spinel Ki-5-16
Spinel Ki-5-235
Spinel Ki-5-31
Spinel Ki-5-35
Spinel Ki-5-52
Spinel Ki-5-62
Spinel Megacryst Ba-M1
Spinel Megacryst SC-M1
Spinel Peridotite Ba-1-61 Clinopyroxene
Spinel Peridotite Ba-1-74 Clinopyroxene
Spinel Peridotite H279-12 Clinopyroxene
Spinel Peridotite H312-1 Clinopyroxene
Spinel Peridotite Ki-5-235 Clinopyroxene
Spinel Peridotite Ki-5-62 Clinopyroxene
Spinel Pyroxenite
Spinel Sc-1-1
Spinel Sc-1-1, San Carlos
Spinel SG-16
Spinel SG-18
Spinel SS-1
Spinel SS-17
Spinel SS-19
Spinel SS-31
Spinel SS-9
Spinel Tanz Sp Brown Univ
wsol025 nolanite
wsol028-c nolanite
Wustite A Lindsley
Wustite A Lindsley; T-series
Wustite B Lindsley; 5-Temp
Wustite BB2 Lindsley; 5 Temps
Wustite CC Lindsley; T-series
Wustite D Lindsley
Wustite D Lindsley; T-series
Magnetite 1805

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