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Phosphate Group Minerals

Phosphate minerals are important components of fertilizer and animal feed supplements. Phosphorus is also used in food prducts as a peservative, stabilizer, and thickener, and phosphoric acid is used in many carbonated drinks.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Alluaudite DD308
Alluaudite P40
Althausite DD113
Arrojadite MDD15
Arrojadite P25
Arsenocrandallite DD150
Attakolite P43
Barbosalite P38(1)
Barbosalite DD134
Barbosalite DD135
Barbosalite DD248
Baricite MDD11
Bermanite DD130
Beraunite P18
Beraunite ML-P42
Beusite DD129
Brazilianite ML-P10
Bukovskyite S104
Chalcosiderite P39
Childrenite P29
Coconinoite G106
Dufrenite DD157
Dufrenite ML-P34
Eosphorite DD161
Fairfieldite DD171
Ferrisicklerite DD162
Ferri-strunzite HMM108175
Ferri-strunzite P15
Ferroalluaudite P14
Ferrolaueite MDD20
Frondelite DD130
Garyanselite P33
Goyazite ML-P27
Graftonite P24
Griphite DH148
Hagendorfite DD184
Heterosite DD27
Hotsonite G2441
Jahnsite DD193
Kidwellite P18
Kryzhanovshite MDD18
Kulanite MDD16
Kulanite P32
Landesite P26
Laueite DD210
Laueite DD182
Lazulite DD125
Lazulite DD206
Lazulite DD208
Leucophosphite P45
Leucophosphite P45
Lipscombite MDD9
Ludlamite DD219
Lulzacite DD197
Maghagendorfite DD237
Maricite MDD14
Melonjosephite DD229
Messelite DD228
Mg-Rockbridgeite DD272
Mitridatite DD315
Phosphoferrite DD271
Phosphosiderite ML-P22
Phosphosiderite DD326
Purpurite DD270
Reddingite P31
Robertsite DD227
Rockbridgeite R-2
Rockbridgeite DD277/287
Roscherite DD274 4207.07.01
Schoonerite DD298
Souzalite/Gormanite MDD13
Stewartite DD288
Stewartite DD295
Strengite MDD3
Strengite P16
Strengite DD293
Strunzite ML-P28
Tarbuttite DD307
Tarbuttite DD306
Tavorite DD301
Tavorite DD135
Triphylite MDD7
Triphylite DD180
Triphylite DD193
Triplite DD305
Triplite DD302
Triploidite DD308
Trolleite DD304
Varulite DD321
Vivianite DD171
Vivianite DD311
Vivianite DD312
Vivianite DD315
Vivianite DD319
Vivianite DD323
Wagnerite DD330
Wardite DD328
Wavellite DD325
Wavellite DD333
Whiteite DD329
Whitmoreite DD335
Wolfeite DD326
Wolfeite DD324
Zanazzite DD337

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