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Pyroxene Group Minerals

Pyroxene group minerals are found in both igneous and metamorphic rocks, and in a wide variety of meteorites.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Augite AB-M3
BRZ-Bulk orthopyroxene, R. Klima
BRZ-Bulk T1 orthopyroxene, R. Klima
BRZ-Bulk T3 orthopyroxene, R. Klima
Ca Hedenbergite
Clinopyroene H312-47
Clinopyroxene AB-M1
Clinopyroxene AB-M2
Clinopyroxene Ba-2-1
Clinopyroxene Ba-2-1 B-1
Clinopyroxene Ba-2-3
Clinopyroxene Ci-1-183
Clinopyroxene Ci-1-25
Clinopyroxene DH-101-B
Clinopyroxene DH-101-C
Clinopyroxene DH-101-D
Clinopyroxene DH-101-E
Clinopyroxene DH-101-E 13mg
Clinopyroxene DH-201
Clinopyroxene DH-202
Clinopyroxene DH-203
Clinopyroxene DH-204
Clinopyroxene DH-205
Clinopyroxene DH-206
Clinopyroxene DH-207
Clinopyroxene DH-208
Clinopyroxene DH-209
Clinopyroxene DH-210
Clinopyroxene DH-211
Clinopyroxene DH-212
Clinopyroxene DH-213 Dish Hill
Clinopyroxene DH-217 Dish Hill
Clinopyroxene DH-218 Dish Hill.
Clinopyroxene DH-220 Dish Hill
Clinopyroxene DH-222 Dish Hill
Clinopyroxene DH-227 Dish Hill
Clinopyroxene DH-231 Dish Hill
Clinopyroxene Ep-1-13
Clinopyroxene Ep-1-13
Clinopyroxene Ep-3-139 A
Clinopyroxene Ep-3-139 B
Clinopyroxene Ep-3-139 C
Clinopyroxene Ep-3-139 D
Clinopyroxene H299-28
Clinopyroxene H30-828
Clinopyroxene H30-B1
Clinopyroxene H30-B2
Clinopyroxene H30-b3.
Clinopyroxene H30-B4
Clinopyroxene H30-b4.
Clinopyroxene H30-b5
Clinopyroxene H-312-50
Clinopyroxene H366-30
Clinopyroxene H-366-89
Clinopyroxene Ki-5-31
Clinopyroxene Ki-5-35
Clinopyroxene Ki-5-52
Clinopyroxene Pyroxenite
Clinopyroxene Sc-1-1
Clinopyroxene, M290MX
Clinopyroxene, M30MCX
Clinopyroxene, V2CDC1
Clinopyroxene, V2CDS4
Clinopyroxene, V2MX37
CPX, 05.07H
CPX, 05.22H
CPX, 05.24H
CPX, 05.29H
CPX, 05.30H
CPX, 05.32H
CPX, 05.39H
CPX, 06.05H
CPX, 06.16H
CPX, 91.45H
CPX, 93.45H
CPX, 93.72H
Diopside 38-63um
Diopside 38-63um CO2 Dosed
Diopside 95AK8F
Enstatite, NMNH 120414-1
Enstatite, NMNH 144440B
Enstatite, NMNH 96617
Enstatite, NMNH 97544
Gaetani SWIR OPX SCOFe3-1
Gaetani SWIR OPX SCOFe3-2
Gahnite, JH111G
Hedenbergite 174
Hypersthene 185
Hypersthene 186
Jade 1A MVE04142
Jade 1B SS0416
Jade 1E 01GSR2-11
Jade 2B MVE02552606
Jade 2C MVE025539A
Jade 2E MVJ90241
Jade 4A 01GSn15
Jade 4C 108369
Jade 7A 112538
Jade 7B KB10J1D
Jade 7D BUR07
Jade 8A 94303
Jade 8B J33C
Jade 8C RGC4B
Jade 8D KB10J55
Jade 8F NBJ01
Mars meteorite, Y-984028 exterior, pyroxene separate
Mars meteorite, Y-984028 interior, pyroxene separate
Omphacite 184
OPX, KBH-94-23-E
Orthoferrosilite, NMNH 134665
Orthoferrosilite, NMNH 134665
Orthopyroxene B1
Orthopyroxene B16
Orthopyroxene B17
Orthopyroxene B25
Orthopyroxene B33
Orthopyroxene Ba1-61
Orthopyroxene Ba-1-74
Orthopyroxene Ba-2-1 A-2
Orthopyroxene Ba-2-1 A-3
Orthopyroxene Ba-2-1 D-1
Orthopyroxene Ba-2-3
Orthopyroxene Ci-1-183
Orthopyroxene Ci-1-25
Orthopyroxene DH-101-B
Orthopyroxene DH-101-C
Orthopyroxene DH-101-D
Orthopyroxene DH-101-E
Orthopyroxene Ep-1-13
Orthopyroxene Ep-3-139 B
Orthopyroxene Ep-3-139 C
Orthopyroxene Ep-3-139 D
Orthopyroxene H279-12
Orthopyroxene H299-23
Orthopyroxene H299-28
Orthopyroxene H30-B1
Orthopyroxene H30-B2
Orthopyroxene H30-B3
Orthopyroxene H30-B4
Orthopyroxene H30-B5
Orthopyroxene H312-1
Orthopyroxene H312-50
Orthopyroxene H366-30
Orthopyroxene Kb-12-51
Orthopyroxene Kb-12-6
Orthopyroxene Kb-12-8
Orthopyroxene Kb-12-9
Orthopyroxene Ki-5-16
Orthopyroxene Ki-5-235
Orthopyroxene Ki-5-31
Orthopyroxene Ki-5-35
Orthopyroxene Ki-5-52
Orthopyroxene LAP 04840,16
Orthopyroxene Sc-1-1
Peridotite EP-3-7A Clinopyroxene
Peridotite EP-3-7A Olivine
Peridotite EP-3-7A Spinel
Peridotite H299-23 Clinopyroxene
Peridotite W3EP12
Peridotite W3EP37 Clinopyroxene
Peridotite W3P123
Peridotite W4123B
Peridotite W4EPA1
Peridotite W4EPA4
Peridotite W4EPB1
Peridotite W4KBH9
Peridotite W4P123
Peridotite W4SP7B Spinel
Pigeonite W08
Pigeonite, 1008
Pigeonite, NMNH 117671
Pigeonite, NMNH 117671
Pigeonite, NMNH 1218247
Pure CPX, KBH-94-23-E
Pyroxene, Bample Opx
Pyroxene, BSARPX
Pyroxene, cpx KBH-94-15
Pyroxene, GK-1
Pyroxene, GK7
Pyroxene, GK7
Pyroxene, KBH-94-23-B
Pyroxene, KBH-94-23-B
Pyroxene, Madagascar Diopside
Pyroxene, McCanta MPYX-1
Pyroxene, McCanta MPYX-2
Pyroxene, McCanta MPYX-3
Pyroxene, McCanta MPYX-4
Pyroxene, McCanta MPYX-5A
Pyroxene, McCanta MPYX-5B
Pyroxene, McCanta starting pyroxene
Pyroxene, shocked 3493
Pyroxene, shocked 3494
Pyroxene, shocked 3495
Pyroxene, shocked 3496
Pyroxene, shocked 3499
Pyroxene, shocked 3501
Pyroxene, shocked 3502
Pyroxene, shocked MPX-6
Pyroxene, shocked MPX-7
Pyroxene, shocked MPX-8
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En00Fs100 (SynPyx061)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En00Fs100 (SynPyx061)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En100Fs00 (SynPyx001a)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En17Fs83C (SynPyx024)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En25Fs75 (SynPyx028)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En30Fs70 (SynPyx023)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En30Fs70 (SynPyx023)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En35Fs65 (SynPyx025)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En40Fs60 (SynPyx005A)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En50Fs50 (SynPyx004)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En50Fs50 (SynPyx004)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En70Fs30 (SynPyx026A)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En70Fs30 (SynPyx026a)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En75Fs25 (SynPyx003)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En75Fs25 (SynPyx022)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En80Fs20
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En80Fs20 (SynPyx002)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En80Fs20 (SynPyx027)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En8Fs92 (SynPyx021)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En8Fs92A (SynPyx021A)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En90Fs10 (SynPyx065)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En90Fs10 (SynPyx065)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo00En97.5Fs2.5A (SynPyx064)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo05En47.5Fs47.5 (SynPyx012)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo05En66.5Fs28.5 (SynPyx015)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo08En46Fs46 (SynPyx013)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo0En17Fs83 (SynPx020)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo10En00Fs90 (SynPyx088)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo10En13.5Fs76.5 (SynPyx048)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo10En22.5Fs67.5 (SynPyx053)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo10En36Fs54 (SynPyx011)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo10En45Fs45 (SynPyx009)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo10En63Fs27 (SynPyx010)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo10En72Fs18 (SynPyx018)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo20En0Fs80 (SynPyx087)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo20En20Fs60 (SynPyx055)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo20En32Fs48 (SynPyx057)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo20En40Fs40 (SynPyx051)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo20En56Fs24 (SynPyx019)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo20En64Fs16 (SynPyx017)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo22En18Fs60 (SynPyx056)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo23En06Fs70 (SynPyx054)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo23En19Fs58 (SynPyx050)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo30En00Fs70 (SynPyx085)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo30En17.5Fs52.5 (SynPyx066)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo30En28Fs42 (SynPyx068)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo30En35Fs35 (SynPyx073)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo30En49Fs21 (SynPyx067)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo39En24Fs37 (SynPyx074)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo40En15Fs45 (SynPyx070)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo40En24Fs36 (SynPyx071)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo40En48Fs12 (SynPyx075)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo40En55F45 (SynPyx077)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo46En18Fs35 (SynPyx076)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo47En38Fs15 (SynPyx079)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo49En27Fs24 (SynPyx036)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo49En43Fs08 (SynPyx044)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo49En45Fs06 (SynPyx043)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo50En00Fs50 (SynPyx041)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo50En00Fs50 (SynPyx082)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo50En00Fs50 (SynPyx083)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo50En15Fs35 (SynPyx037)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo50En25Fs25 (SynPyx039)
Pyroxene, synthetic Wo50En40Fs10 (SynPyx033)
SNC meteorite, ALHA 77005 clinopyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, ALHA 77005 dark pyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, ALHA 84001 orthopyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, EETA 79001, pyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, LEW 88576, pyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, Los Angeles, pyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, MIL03346.49 pyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, Nakhla augite separate
SNC meteorite, QUE 94201 clinopyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, Shergotty pyroxene separate
SNC meteorite, Zagami pyroxene separate
Taran Opx #1 Opx G-555 Original
Taran Opx #2, Treated at 700C, 7GPa, 4 days
Wilshire San Carlos Hornblende
Wollastonite 180

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