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Terrestrial Rocks

Spectra of rocks can be difficult to analyze, because they contain contributions from each of the individual phases present, all superimposed in a single spectrum. So whenever possible, it is desirable to separate out the minerals in a rock (by crushing and handpicking them) and run the spectra of each mineral separately. However, in some cases (for example, when the rock is too fine-grained to separate) it is useful to acquire a spectrum of a whole rock.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

19 to 01 iarocite coating
AZ03-Pg Jn, concretion
basalt sample JB447 G1 dry
basalt sample JB453 G1 wet
basalt sample JB455 G2 dry
basalt sample JB461 G2 wet
Caspian Sea <180 um grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-0 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-1 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-2 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-3 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-4 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-5 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-6 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-7 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-8 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Caspian Sea PNF 10-9 grey sandstone, Schoonen
Catahoula lake bed sample #1
Catahoula lake bed sample #2
Catahoula lake bed sample #3
Catahoula lake bed sample #4
Coal 3% Fe, Devolatilized 800C + 10 min. H2O, Fan
Coal 3% Fe, Devolatilized 800C, Fan
Coal 2 Fe 2 Na Pyrolysis
Coal 2 Fe 2 Na 20 min water
Coal 4 Fe Pyrolysis
Coal 4 Fe 20 min water
Coal 3 Fe 1 Na Pyrolysis
Coal 3 Fe 1 Na 20 min water
Coal 4 Na Pyrolysis
Coal 4 Na 20 min water
Coal Raw + 3% Fe, Fan
Coal Raw, Fan
Coal 3Na-1Fe 500c Py 30mm, Xu
Coal 3Na-1Fe 10c/mm 700c Py 30mm, Xu
Coal 4Fe 500c Py, Xu
Coal 4Fe 700c Py 30mm, Xu
Crust of Rock
DKPR-1 magnetic fraction
DKPR-1 non-magnetic fraction
EC <2 oil sand, Osacky
EC oil sand, Osacky
ES oil sand, Osacky
ES<2 oil sand, Osacky
Haleakala sample JB 391-A
Haleakala sample JB 392
Haleakala sample JB 394-A
Haleakala sample JB 395A
Haleakala sample JB 397A
Haleakala sample JB 399A
Halemaumau H10-2
Halemaumau H10-4 Exterior
Halemaumau H10-4 Interior
Halemaumau H10-6
Halemaumau H10-7
Halemaumau H10-8
Halemaumau H10-9 Exterior
Halemaumau H10-9 Interior
Hard Hematite
Holden 4438 Ba 08-1
Holden 4438 Ba 08-2
Holden 4446 Sa 08
Holden 4449 Da 08
Holden 4450 HH 08/CD 08
Holden EG09-1 "outside" dried
Holden EG09-2 "inside" dried
HYD-0, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-1, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-10, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-11, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-13, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-2, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-3, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-4, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-5 outside, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-5, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-6, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-8, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
HYD-9, Atacama Desert, Greenberger
Ilmenite + garnet + biotite Ra-d75-66
Ilmenite + garnet + biotite Ra-d80-66
Ilmenite + garnet + biotite Ra-d86-66*
Ilmenite + garnet + biotite Ra-d94-66*
Ilmenite + garnet Ra-a14-66G
Ironstone, extra Small Concretions (SCXS) from Sunset Cliff, San Diego
Ironstone, large Concretions (SCL) from Sunset Cliff, San Diego
Ironstone, medium Concretions (SCM) from Sunset Cliff, San Diego
Ironstone, powdered core Is1-A#4 from Convoy, San Diego concretions
Ironstone, powdered core SCL-Bada#1 from Sunset Cliff, San Diego concretions
Ironstone, small Concretions (SCS) from Sunset Cliff, San Diego
Jaspilite, Gray
Jaspilite, Red
KCB-1, Archean grey gneiss/schist
KCB-10, Archean, weathering rind on KCB-9
KCB-11, Archean, black schist
KCB-12, Archean, weathering rind on KCB-11
KCB-2, Archean, weathering rind from KCB-1
KCB-4, Archean, weathered surface on quartzite KCB-3
KCB-5, Archean, banded iron formation
KCB-6, Archean, weathering rind on KCB-5
KCB-7, Archean, pink and grey gneiss
KCB-8, Archean, weathering rind on KCB-7
KCB-9, Archean, grey and black schist
Martite-rich Sample
Matrix of a lava flow
MC oil sand, Osacky
MC<2 oil sand, Osacky
McCanta Shocked Px 3501
McCanta Shocked Pyroxene
METC2 magnetic fraction
METC2 non-magnetic fraction
Michalski 1183-15 Clay
Michalski 1183-9 Clay
Michalski Challenger 294 Clay
Michalski CHN 290-292 Clay
Michalski CYP 82-14-5 Clay
Michalski Sea Cliff Dive Clay
Michalski Turtle Pits Clay
Michalski Va22 1030-1034 Clay
Michalski Va22 1144-1145 Clay
Michalski Va22 1145-1146 Clay
Michalski Va22 471-475 Clay
Michalski Va22 575-577 Clay
Michalski Va22 583-586 Clay
Michalski Va22 586-587 Clay
Michalski Va22 588-591 Clay
Michalski Va22 602-603 Clay
Michalski Va22 603-604 Clay
Michalski Va22 612-614 Clay
Michalski Va22 639-640 Clay
Michalski Va3 150-153 Clay
Michalski Va3 313-318 Clay
Michalski Va3 382-389 Clay
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 080-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 087-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 094-3
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 098-3
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 103-1 22-25
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 103-1 27-31
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 107-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 117-4
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 127-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 128-3
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 140-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 150-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 161-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 171-4
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 182-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 193-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 204-4
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 206-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 215-4
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 225-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 236-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 236-3
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 246-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 256-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 258-1
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 267-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 277-2
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sample 287-1
Moenkopi B sandstone, Schoonen
MS oil sand, Osacky
MS<2 oil sand, Osacky
MS10_BV_04_ext dolerite, Salvatore
MS10_BV_04_int dolerite, Salvatore
MS10_BV_10_ext dolerite, Salvatore
MS10_BV_10_int dolerite, Salvatore
MS10_BV_12_ext dolerite, Salvatore
MS10_BV_12_int dolerite, Salvatore
NWA 2737 Whole Rock
PNF 11-1 sandstone, Schoonen
PNF 11-2 sandstone, Schoonen
PNF 11-3 sandstone, Schoonen
PNF 11-4 sandstone, Schoonen
PNF 11-5 sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-4-1 (7), Schoonen
PNF-4-2 (12), Schoonen
PNF-4-3 (5), Schoonen
PNF-4-4 (11), Schoonen
PNF-4-5 (1), Schoonen
PNF-4-6 (9), Schoonen
PNF-4-7 (2), Schoonen
PNF-4-8 (3), Schoonen
PNF-5-1 (8), Schoonen
PNF-5-2 (10), Schoonen
PNF-5-3 (4), Schoonen
PNF-5-4 (6), Schoonen
PNF-6-1 (1) control, Schoonen
PNF-7-1 (12), Schoonen
PNF-7-2 (10), Schoonen
PNF-7-3 (8), Schoonen
PNF-7-4 (9), Schoonen
PNF-9-0 (7) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-1 (5) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-2 (10) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-3 (8) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-4 (2) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-5 (1) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-6 (9) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-7 (12) altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-8 altered sandstone, Schoonen
PNF-9-9 (4) altered sandstone, Schoonen
QPY-2 magnetic fraction
QPY-2 non-magnetic fraction
Rio Tinto Cobble Coating, Preston
Rio Tinto Cobble, Preston
Rusticle, Lunze, 6514-1
Rusticle, Lunze, 6514-2
Rusticle, Lunze, 6514-3
Rusticle, Lunze, 6516 WM-1
Sand 260
Sand 270
Siltstone, Sandy Coarse, JL 109-1b
Siltstone, Medium to fine, JL 109-3b
Siltstone, Coarse, JL 109-10
Siltstone, Sandy Coarse, JL 109-16
Siltstone, Medium to fine, JL 109-18
JL 110-1 Siltstone
JL 161-4 Siltstone heated at 550C
JL 161-4 Siltstone unheated
JL 161-4 Siltstone heated at 550C
JL 161-4 Siltstone unheated
Siltstone, Sandy, BS 7.11
Siltstone, Sandy, BS 7.60
Schoonen acid washed pyrite synthetic
Schoonen sample 0 unreacted Moenkopi
Schoonen sample 1 PNF_1_2
Schoonen sample 2 PNF_1_6
Schoonen sample 3 PNF_1_7
Schoonen sample 4 PNF_1_8
Schoonen sample 5 FTNF_1
Schoonen sample 6 PTNF_3
Schoonen sample 7 FTNF_5
Schoonen sample 8 South Timbalier Unreacted
Schoonen sample 9 PNF_2_10
Starke, Florida A Country Rock
Sulfate mix, Tosca sample EMPL-022407
Sulfate mix, Tosca sample EPML2
Sulfate mix, Tosca sample EPML2A
UT00-10A, exterior of concretion
UT00-10A, interior of concretion
UT00-10B, exterior of concretion
UT04-Mo-5 Kd, coating on concretion
UT04-sdH-13A, concretion
UT04-sdH-13B, concretion
UT97037 Jes, concretion
UT97-20A, exterior of concretion
UT97-20A, interior of concretion
UT97-44, coating on concretion
Wellesley 1:DB B+1 20
Wellesley 2:DB B+1 30
Wellesley 3:DB LI WC
Wellesley 4:22 B+1 80
White Gray Clays
white silica
Basalt 8148
Granite PEL 1847
Rhyolite PEL 1846
Basaltic Andesite 1802
Basalt PEL 1525
Rhyolitic glass 1804
Amphibolite Venus-analog PEL DLR-1506/1535
Rhyolite PEL 1846
Rhyolite PEL 1846
Palagonite SB125-01
Palagonite PB13-05B
Palagonite WhB12-03

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