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Staurolite Species

The mineral staurolite is commonly found in medium-temperature metamorphic rocks.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Saturolite O-C-35
Staurolite 114-1
Staurolite 203
Staurolite 3-3
Staurolite 3-3
Staurolite 356-1
Staurolite 356-1
Staurolite 53-2
Staurolite 53-2
Staurolite 71-60E
Staurolite 71-62R
Staurolite B14040
Staurolite EH-6
Staurolite ER-70
Staurolite ER-70
Staurolite Fe-80-1
Staurolite G-3
Staurolite HV-4
Staurolite O-C-38
Staurolite O-C-44
Staurolite O-J-60
Staurolite O-J-66
Staurolite O-K-46
Staurolite O-K-57
Staurolite, EHS62B
Staurolite, EHSL11
Staurolite, EHS60E
Staurolite, FHSP9A
Staurolite, EHS62U
Staurolite, EHSZNS
Staurolite, EHS011
Staurolite, FHS203
Staurolite, FHSTP9
Staurolite, EHS62T
Staurolite, EDST06
Staurolite, EDST08
Staurolite, EDST09
Staurolite, DDST11
Staurolite, EDST02
Staurolite, EDST03
Staurolite, EDST05
Staurolite, EDST04
Staurolite, EDST07
Staurolite, EDST10
Staurolite, DSTF80
Staurolite, DSTF70
Staurolite, DSTF60
Staurolite, DSTF90
Staurolite, DSTF10
Staurolite, D10ST
Staurolite, D116ST
Staurolite, FSHV4
Staurolite, D112ST

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