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Sulfide and Sulfate Minerals (except Alunite Group)

Sulfides and sulfates generally occur in hydrothermal deposits, where they form from sulfur-rich fluids percolating through rocks.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Amarantite G3775
Anhydrite 159266
Apjohnite 121356
Barite SPT146
Bilinite, Idaho, 169017.
Botryogen G3775
Botryogen SPT124
Botryogen, Chile. C5525-3
Botryogen, DD112
Bukovskyite S104
Butlerite 639
Butlerite, C5534
Caledonite G92
Celestine, Michigan, S13
Chalcanthite DD100
Chalcanthite G3776-2
Chalcopyrite CHA101
Copiapite 787
Copiapite 788
Copiapite FAC-1
Copiapite FAC-10
Copiapite FAC-3
Copiapite FAC-5
Copiapite FAC-7
Copiapite G596-1
Copiapite HSC-128
Copiapite MAC-11
Copiapite MAC-2
Copiapite MAC-5
Copiapite MAC-7
Copiapite ML-S86
Copiapite R6254-B
Copiapite SPT117
Copiapite, Mg (oil)
Coquimbite G2677
Coquimbite G2677 (31 mg)
Coquimbite R7661
Coquimbite S46
Coquimbite S63
Coquimbite SPT119
Coquimbite SPT126
Coquimbite SPT131
Coquimbite SPT132
Coquimbite-P VZO101
Dietrichite G-2429
Ferric sulfate MHC2046
Ferricopiapite 168257
Ferricopiapite 2, Hyde
Ferricopiapite S35
Ferricopiapite SPT109
Ferricopiapite SPT125
Ferricopiapite, Hyde
Ferrinatrite, Chile, R6214
Ferrinatrite, Chile,VZO 105/106
Ferrous Sulfate MHC2070
Fiberoferrite ML-S88
Fibroferrite 785
Fibroferrite 786
Fibroferrite G596-1
Fibroferrite SPT121
Fibroferrite, CA, R7653
Fibroferrite, CA, VZO 107/108
Goldichite 123922
Gunningite 156925
Gypsum GYP-D
Halotrichite (oil)
Halotrichite G1616
Halotrichite VZO128
Halotrichite, CA, 104135
Ilesite, Colorado, 123277
JB577-A Amd
Jukokuite G3536
Kainite G-817
Kornelite (oil)
Kornelite 140175
Kornelite from sample 95830
Kornelite R16185
Krausite, CA, 156916
Krohnkite G-1111
Lausenite, Arizona, 102923
Max Coleman JPL Iron Mt Unknown
Melanterite (oil)
Melanterite 136727
Melanterite 156925
Melanterite S77
Metahohmannite, R12495
Metasideronatrite 105774-2
Metasideronatrite VZO112
Metavoltine G2677
Metavoltine SPT133
Metavoltine, VZO 114
Mg Voltaite Andreas Ertl
Millosevichite G2537-1
Parabutlerite, Chile, 157716.
Parabutlerite, Iran, VAO 115/116
Paracoquimbite G2681-1
Paracoquimbite G-2681-1
Paracoquimbite G-2681-2
Paracoquimbite, Hyde
Pentahydrite, Az, VZO 121
Pickeringite R6183
Plumbojarosite, Mexico, S15.
Pyrrhotite PRH103
Pyrrhotite PRH104
Quartz SPT120
Quenstedtite B8255
Rhomboclase 81268
Rhomboclase ML-S89
Rhomboclase S84
Rhomboclase S85
Rhomboclase SPT110
Rhomboclase, Dehydrated
Rhomboclase, Hyde
Romerite 113733
Romerite 159098-2
Romerite 93825
Romerite C5602-1
Romerite G2677
Romerite R8415 NMNH
Romerite SPT111
Romerite SPT122
Rozenite JB 626-B
Rozenite SPT130
Sarmientite DD100
Schwertmannite , Hyde
Schwertmannite 2 , Hyde
Schwertmannite DD105/108
Schwertmannite JB 130
Schwertmannite JB 131 Synthetic
Schwertmannite VZO119/120
Sideronatrite SPT123
Sklute amorphous ferric sulfate 012414ACh
Sklute amorphous ferric sulfate 012414AChv
Sklute amorphous ferric sulfate 012414ACchv
Sklute amorphous ferric sulfate 012414ACch
Sklute amorphous ferric sulfate 012414AAPch
Sklute amorphous ferric sulfate 012414AAPchv
Sklute amorphous ferrous sulfate 012814Fe2v
Slavikite, Czech Republic, 140229
Slavikite, Czech Republic, VZO 122/123
Sphalerite 164122
Starkeyite 137725
Szimikite 159189
Szomolnokite 104276
Szomolnokite 136685-2
Szomolnokite 159098
Szomolnokite 92942
Szomolnokite ML-S103
Szomolnokite S60
Szomolnokite S77
Szomolnokite S78
Szomolnokite, Hyde
Tochilinite TOC101
Tochilinite, Canada, VZO 126
Voltaite (light) oil
Voltaite 115035
Voltaite 129313
Voltaite 137958
Voltaite 158795
Voltaite 85679
Voltaite 95830
Voltaite Black
Voltaite DD104
Was Melanterite Unknown
Zincocopiapite G-3637

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