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Tourmaline Group Minerals

Tourmaline group minerals are commonly found in intrusive igneous rocks on Earth.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Buergerite, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 43293
Dravite, 108796
Dravite, Australia, 43230
Dravite, Lucero mine, Chile 108491
Dravite, Maine, BMT-33
Dravite, Maine, Ru-T17092
Dravite, Maine, Ru-T18-92
Dravite, Montana, 12146
Dravite, North Carolina, 18796
Dravite, O-T16-92
Dravite, Pierrepont, 43873
Dravite, Silver Knob, California, SKU-14
Dravite, Tait Farm, 32008
Dravite, Tanzania
Dravite, Tanzania 800C 8h
Dravite, Tanzania 800 C 8h + 900 C 3h
Dravite, York River
Elbaite, Maine, BMT-11
Elbaite, Maine, BMT-20
Elbaite, Maine, BMT-47
Elbaite, Maine, BMT-49
Elbaite, Maine, BMT-B
Elbaite, Himalaya S54
Elbaite, Minas Gerias, Brazil. 98144.
Foitite, New Mexico, 112547
Olenite, Maine, BMT-17
Olenite, Maine, BMT-19
Olenite, Maine, BMT-A
Schorl, Blacherleitengraben Lower Austria, BLS
Schorl, Canada, 108749
Schorl, Canada, Bevcon no. 1
Schorl, Canada, Hwy 527
Schorl, Canada, Mcken Isle
Schorl, Canada, Sigma-3
Schorl Ertl SCHN1
Schorl Ertl SCHORL1
Schorl Ertl JOH
Schorl Ertl EHR1
Schorl Ertl SAU
Schorl, Ghost Lake
Schorl, Harz Mtns., Germany, 44061
Schorl, Jefferson Co., Montana, Jack Creek
Schorl, Konigsalm
Schorl, Lower Australia, Maigen
Schorl, Maine, 126066
Schorl, Maine, 131955
Schorl, Maine, BMT-3
Schorl, Maine, BMT-47
Schorl, Maine, BMT-65
Schorl, Maine, BMT-75
Schorl, Maine, DLUX1
Schorl, Maine, RT-12
Schorl, Maine, SEBGR-2
Schorl, Maine, Whitecap1
Schorl, Sorata, Bolivia, 98695
Schorl, South Dakota, HP 2-1
Schorl, South Dakota, HP 5-1
Schorl, South Dakota, HP 6-1
Schorl, Streaked Mountain, STRGR-2
Schorl, Zambezia, Mozambique. 112566.
Toumaline, UE-2
Tourmaline, 1067
Tourmaline, 134075
Tourmaline, 2356
Tourmaline, Ertl Him1
Tourmaline, Ertl Him2
Tourmaline, Ertl Him3
Tourmaline, Ertl Him4
Tourmaline, Ertl Him5
Tourmaline, Ertl, Maigen
Tourmaline, Ertl, BLSOX
Tourmaline, Ertle, BLSC
Tourmaline, KT-8
Tourmaline, KTV-1
Tourmaline, KTV-2
Tourmaline, Maine, BMCR-3
Tourmaline, MIT-G
Tourmaline, UE-1
Tourmaline, UE-4
Tourmaline, UE-7
Tourmaline UH491T
Tourmaline UHS98T
Tourmaline VH863T
Tourmaline UH061T
Tourmaline U98695
Tourmaline UH112T
Tourmaline PSKU14
Tourmaline UJCM3T
Tourmaline UM356D
Tourmaline UM293B
Tourmaline UM008D
Tourmaline UM873D
Tourmaline UHS65T
Tourmaline VM230D
Tourmaline VM210U
Tourmaline JKH5TU
Tourmaline JKS3TU
Tourmaline PWHTC1
Tourmaline PSEB2T
Tourmaline PDLUX1
Tourmaline PRT12T
Tourmaline PHS131
Tourmaline PH256T
Tourmaline PH167T
Tourmaline PH1260
Tourmaline JKMITU
Tourmaline JKB1TU
Tourmaline JKGLTU
Tourmaline UOT162
Tourmaline URUT18
Tourmaline VRUT17
Tourmaline VRUSMF
Tourmaline PSTRG2
Tourmaline UB47GR
Tourmaline UBMT3T
Tourmaline UBMTB1
Tourmaline UBMT7T
Tourmaline PBMT17
Tourmaline UB47BL
Tourmaline VBMTA1
Tourmaline UBMT49
Tourmaline UHP21T
Tourmaline UBMT33
Tourmaline UBMT11
Tourmaline UBMT20
Tourmaline UBMT6T
Tourmaline VBMT19
Tourmaline UHP51T
Tourmaline UHP61T
Tourmaline UHS879
Tourmaline UHS18T
Tourmaline UHS46T
Tourmaline. BL5.
Tourmaline. JC3.
Uvite, Hall Farm, 52210
Uvite, St. Lawrence Co., New York, 86321

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