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About our Duck . . .

In the spring semester of 2001, Darby Dyar left the Pioneer Valley for a six month stay at the University of Idaho in Moscow. While she was away, she left her Mossbauer laboratory at Mount Holyoke in the custody of Sarah Hale and M.E. Housewright (both class of '01). Both of them had a stressful semester in Darby's absence, as they were graduating seniors trying to finish challenging senior thesis projects. One dark night at 3 a.m., in the depths of the 100 year old Clapp Laboratory building, they came across a catalog from the Oriental Trading Company. In a fit of sleeplessness and thesis avoidance, they ordered a coming home present (actually, 100 of them) for Darby. Both of them graduated in May (with Honors...) and left town a few weeks before Darby's return...

So on July 1st, Darby walked into her laboratory for the first time in six months, to be greeted by ducks of all colors. Ducks had invaded every crevice, nook, and cranny in the laboratory. Subsequent efforts to rid the lab of these ducks have proved unsuccessful, as they always seem to return when banished... Thus, the ducks have become our mascot and icon.

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