Thou art the Creator of the Tablet and the (Mystic) Pen.

Computer Software


These programs were compressed with Stuffit. To download them you need to click once on the link and save each to your hard drive . To play them, double click on their icons. You need to have HyperCard.

Alef Baa. Demonstrates in animation the way Arabic characters are written in independent, initial, medial or final forms, (digitized sound, animation for Novice Level).

AraSpell. Orally demonstrates 150 words, phrases & sentences and requires equivalent written Arabic forms, (digitized sound, randomization, instant feedback, timing and grading for Novice Level)).

AraFlash. Orally demonstrates 150 words, expressions & sentences and requires English equivalent, (digitized sound, randomization, timing & grading for Novice Level).

AraCon. Conjugates Arabic irregular verbs (Hollow, Assimilated & Defective) in perfect and imperfect forms, (randomization & grading for Novice Mid Level).

Sign & Logo Game. Demonstrates and tests traffic signs and newspaper advertising logos, (digitized sound, randomization, timing & grading for Novice Mid Level).

AraForm. Demonstrates different Arabic Verbs and verbal nouns, (Forms I-X), (randomization, instant feedback & grading for Novice Mid Level).

The Mission Game. Demonstrates and tests appropriate Arabic courtesy expressions, (animation, randomization, record, grading & timing for Novice High Level).

The Horse Game. Demonstrates and tests various functional vocabulary items related to times of the day,colors, meals & food items, days of the week, seasons of the year, family members , etc., (digitized sound, randomization, animation, immediate feedback, record, timing and grading for Novice High Level).

The Sentence Game. The Arabic word order is tested in a game made of 150 sentences, (digitized sound, randomization, immediate feedback, animation, timing & grading for Novice High Level).

The Tower Game. Introduces and tests the Arabic linguistic terminology, (animation, randomization, digitized sound, record, timing and grading for Intermediate Level).

The Sinbad Game. Introduces and tests some elements of Arabic and Islamic Culture, (randomization, animation, record, timing & grading for Intermediate Level).

Juha Game. Demonstrates and tests knowledge of the basic Arabic syntax, (timing, animation, digitized sound, record & grading for Intermediate Level).

Director. Teaches functional and cultural expressions in a form of a game. It is for the intermediate level plus.

Arabic Press. Provides various passages from the Arabic press. You need to fill in the spaces provided to complete each one of those passages. It is for the intermediate low level.

As the Arabs Say. Demonstrates in a game fashion a number of Arabs' sayings, words of wisdom and proverbs. It also shows the sociolingusitc environment on when and how to use/notuse each of them. The game is intended for advanced level.

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