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Arabic in the USA

Issues in the field of language learning and teaching have changed tremendously since Arabic was introduced in this country almost fifty years ago. Recent years have witnessed a movement for change spearheaded by university students, their instructors, and decision-makers. A new generation of professors, who are professionally trained in linguistics and language acquisition and pedagogy, have been arguing openly for supplementing, if not replacing, the traditional philological programs where Arabic is taught either as a means for reading text or as a linguistic system per se. They believe that not only does this approach prevent students from realizing their full potentials in achieving communicative skills, it also goes against the results of the substantial amount of research in foreign language acquisition that has been conducted since the seventies. The demand is for more communicative programs where focus is not on reading but also on the rest of the four skills plus culture.

Furthermore, these professors seem to maintain Chomsky's theory and distinction between competence and performance. Competence, according to Chomsky, refers to the individual's knowledge of grammar and other aspects of language, while performance refers to actual use, i.e., realization of this knowledge. In his view, a theory of competence is equivalent to a theory of grammar and is concerned with linguistic rules that can generate and describe the grammatical sentences of a language. A theory of performance, on the other hand, focuses on the acceptability of sentences in speech production and is a theory of interaction between the theory of grammar and non-grammatical psychological factors that influence the individual language user.

The following is a list of the Arabic programs at various colleges and universities in the USA. We have limited the list only to those which have websites.
Abilene Christian University Emory University
American University Florida International University
Arizona State University Florida State University
Barnard College George Washington University
Baylor University Georgetown University
Boston College Hamilton College
Boston University Hartford Seminary
Brigham Young University Hobart & William Smith College
Brown University Hofstra University
College of Charleston Howard University
College of William & Mary Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Carleton University Johns Hopkins University
Catholic University Kent State University
Colorado State University Louisiana State University
Columbia University Loyola University, Chicago
Concordia University Mesa Community College
Cornell University Middlebury College
CUNY, Brooklyn Morgan State University
CUNY, Queens Mount Holyoke College
  NYSU, Binghamton
Davidson College NYSU, Buffalo
DePaul University Northwestern University
Duke University New York University
Duquesne University Penn State University

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Portland State University University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Princeton University University of Missouri, Kansas City
Purdue University University of North Carolina
Rice University University of New Orleans
Rutgers University University of Notre Dame
Samford University University of Pennsylvania
Stanford University University of Rochester
Temple University University of South Carolina
Tufts University University of South Florida
University of California, Berkeley University of Southern California
UC, Los Angeles University of Texas. Austin
UC, Santa Barbara University of Utah
University of Chicago University of Virginia
University of Cincinnati University of Washington
University of Denver University of Wisconsin, Madison
University of Florida University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
University of Georgia, Athens Utah State University
University of Illinois, Chicago Vanderbilt University
University of Illinois, Urbana Vassar College
University of Kansas Villanova University
University of Maryland Washington University, St Louis
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Wayne State University
University of Miami Weber University

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