Whenever ye speak, speak justly, even if a near relative is concerned.

Arabic Gemini features a clearly defined instructional focus on reading comprehension that is based on information processing theory and foreign language schema theory. It is supported by appropriate pedagogical interactive components designed to help you acquire effective reading strategies. The program provides prompts to guide you to generate plausible hypotheses about the events described in the text. It presents multimedia displays (text, graphics, sound, and video) to provide information about the various aspects in the text.

It includes procedures to model appropriate bi-directional text processing strategies in order to direct your attention to macro-level information (the development of the general theme of the text), and micro-level information (important textual details related to that general theme). In addition, Arabic Gemini features tools to devise macro-level questions to verify your comprehension of the evolution of the major ideas in the text, and micro-level questions to confirm your understanding of the language used to convey those ideas.

Download Arabic Gemini here

Note: Users need to have Macintosh equipped with the Arabic Language Kit and HyperCard.

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