Math/Physics 160: Galileo 


Professor: Mark A. Peterson

Class meetings: TTh 11:00-12:15, Clapp 420


Galileo's Muse, Mark Peterson

The Essential Galileo, ed. Maurice Finocchiaro

Online texts


An old course syllabus still contains useful links and possible topics. It will give you an idea about how a more prescribed version of the course might go, and we can choose topics from here if we wish.

What I hope for from you is your participation, through class discussion, posts to the forum topics, written paragraphs (these may perhaps flesh out your forum posts), and eventually a final project. This last can be a 10+ page paper, a performance, an informative web page, an experiment -- I only ask that you work it out in consultation with me well ahead of time so that it is successful and fun, and not a rushed job.