Art 222- Gothic

Romanesque Options

Rome, Santa Maria in Trastevere, interior, nave

Pisa, Cathedral, exterior, view from NE with Campanile, 1063,
begun with Buschetto, arch.; 1110-25

Pisa, Cathedral, interior,
nave, view toward apse, altar,
Maria Laach, Abbey Church,
exterior, west facade from left
Maria Laach, Abbey Church,
int., det., nave from west,
1093 (begun)
Angouleme, Cathedral, ext.,
west facade, general view from SW,
Angouleme Cathedral, int. nave,
general view from west to east,
Durham, Cathedral, ext.,
distant view from northwest,
1093- c. 1133
Durham, Cathedral, int.,
nave, view to east end from west,
1093- c. 1133