Assignments & Guidelines
 Modern Architecture

Art 243/Fall 2000

Reserve List


America Builds, L. Roth, ed.
NA 705 A48 1983

Appelbaum, S., The Chicago World's Fair of 1983: a photographic record
T500 B1 A66 1980

Architecture and Design,1890-1939,T. Benton, ed.
NA 680 B48 1975

Banham, R., Theory and Design in the First Machine Age
NA 680 B25

Billington, D. The Tower and the Bridge
TA 636 B54 1983

Brownlee, D., Louis I. Kahn
NA 737 B76 1991

Bruggen, C. van, Frank O. Gehry: the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao
N3213 B78 1998

Chicago Tribune Competition
NA 6233 C4 T7

Curtis, W.J.R., Modern Architecture since 1900
NA 680 C87 1983

Dal Co, F., Frank O. Gehry: the Complete Works
NA 737 G44 D35 1998 folio

Garnier, T., Une cité industrielle
NA 9053 N4 G36 1989 folio

Gehry, F., Buildings and Projects
NA 737 G44 A4 1985

Goldberger, P. The Skyscraper
NA 6230 G59 folio

Graves, M., Buildings and Projects, 1966-1981
NA 737 G72 A4 1982
 Buildings and Projects, 1990-1994
 NA 737 G72 A4 1995

Hitchcock, H.R, Architecture: 19th and 20th Centuries
NA 645 H55 1968

Hitchcock, H.R. and P. Johnson, The International Style
NA 680 H5 1966

Hoffmann, D., Fallingwater
NA 737 W7 H6

The International Competition for the Chicago Tribune
NA 6233 C4 T7

Jencks, C., The Language of Post-Modern Architecture
NA 680 J457 1984

Jencks, C., Post-Modernism
NX 456.5 P66 J46 1987

Johnson, P. and M. Wigley, Deconstructivist Architecture
NA 682 C65 J63 1988

Jordy, W., American Buildings and their Architects: the impact of European Modern in the Mid-Twentieth Century
NA 705 P5 v.4

Leach, N., ed., Rethinking Architecture

Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture
NA 2520 J4 1931

Levin, M., When the Eiffel Tower Was New
N6847 W48 1989

Levine, N., The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
NA 737 W7 L46 1996

Loyer, F., Victor Horta: Hôtel Tassel, 1893-1895
NA 1173 H6 L69 1986

Marder, T. The Critical Edge
NA 712.5 P67 C74 1985

New York Times, May 20, 1990

Russell, F. Art Nouveau Architecture
NA 645.5 A7 A77 1979

Scully, V., American Architecture and Urbanism
NA 705 S36

Stern, R.A.M., Pride of Place
NA 705 S74 1986 folio

Storrer, W. The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
NA 737 W7 S83 1978

Venturi, R., Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture
NA 2760 V46

Venturi, R., Learning from Las Vegas
NA 735 L3 V4 folio

Wright, F. L., Buildings, Plans, and Designs
NA 737 W7 A313 X Folio, Rare Books


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