Art 302: Paris

 "To be Parisian is to be." These words, written in 1323, capture the special excitement and energy of life in the City of Light. This seminar will follow Paris through five moments of history: the Gothic metropolis of 1300, the city in the age of Louis XIV, Paris as the new Rome under Napoleon, Paris and modern life in the late nineteenth century, and the great projects of the 1980s. The architecture, sculpture, painted views, photographs, movies and literature record the transformations of Parisian social life, its institutions, and its role as a center of artistic innovation.

Course Requirements

Our class discussions will be launched from weekly reading and writing assignments.Two brief oral reports will be made during the semester and a project paper, submitted at the end of the semester, will be required. Class participation is also a must and will contribute to your grade.

Textbooks (available at the Odyssey Bookshop in the Village Commons)

V. Hugo, Notre-Dame of Paris

A. Sutcliffe, Paris: an architectural history

Office Hours

Tuesday11-12; Thursday 2-3 and by appointment: 206 Art Building
phone: x2474
email: mtdavis

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