Japanese Language Table

The Japanese language table is a weekly informal gathering of students interested in learning the Japanese language. Faculty members of the Japanese language department also join in regularly. It is led by a department-appointed Japanese Language Fellow (a student) who schedule mini-events for entertainment of those present.

The language table helps to form family-like bonds among students of similar interest and even between students and faculty. Participants chat on a range of topics from politics, classes, homeworks, to individuals' weekend getaway plans while enjoying their regular dinner.

All students of Mt Holyoke College, regardless of whether they are enrolled in a Japanese course, are invited to attend the language table. (Participants are not limited to Japanese---we have a history of allowing American, Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, and Indian to join our sessions. So no matter which corner of the Earth you came from, your attendance is completely welcomed.)

First-year Japanese students should not be afraid to participate--we understand your limitation and we do our best to make you comfortable. Please join us! (For an added incentive, you are allowed to talk and eat at the same time.)

The gathering of students on a Monday evening for Japanese language table. Sitting from left: Yamashita sensei, Mai, Divya, Tomoko, and Vonnie.
Standing from left: A student, Ami, and Amy.

Crazy Language Fellow, Mai Kurokawa, giving a peace sign. Looking on (from left) is Divya, Tomoko, and Vonnie.

The sharing of bond.







Another bond sharing moment between Mai (Language Fellow) and fellow students.



We love our dinner at the Japanese Language Dinner!