Japanese 222 Fall 2002 tentative schedule

Week of 9/5

R                       Introduction to Asian 222

F                      Talking about your summer

Week of 9/9

M                       Talking about your summer
                          sentence modifier, んです、te-form to connect, potential form

T                       How to use kanji dictionary                    Bring your own kanji dictionary
                         Kanji review                                              温 暖 涼
                                                                                                                        春 夏 秋 冬

W                      Ch 1   Weather and Climete                       東 西 南 北 方   
                         Japanese geography
                         G 1    ーている

R                      Ch 1 voc     listen to the dialog, G1 practice    雨 雪 風 晴 曇

F                     G 5    ので、から(because)                        寒 暑 明 暗

week of 9/16

M                   Ch 1    G 2,3                                                Ch 1 voc Q

T                   practice                                                          朝 昼 晩

W                 G 4                                                               強 弱 季 節

R                 practice                                                          多 少 天

F                 speaking / listening practice                             grammar Q Ch 1

week of 9/23

M                 reading

T                  integration                                                   Kanji test Ch. 1

W                 Ch 2    Travel
                    G 1    とおもう、つもり、よてい、ーようとおもう  予 定    約 前

R                  Ch 2  voc、listen to the dialog, G 1 practice        後    末    思  言    知    答

F                  Ch 2 G 2,3                                                       電 車 写 真

week of 9/30

M                G 4 ーとおもう、ーかきく                           Ch 2 voc Q
                                                                                      映 画    国    町

T                practice                                                      銀    社    図 書

W                G 5    ーあと、ーまえ                              公 園    店    地

R                  practice                                                京    計    旅    安

F                speaking / listening practice                            Kanji test Ch 2


week of 10/7

M               Reading

T                Integration

W               Review

R               *****Mid-term Exam*****

F                 Mid-term take-home part due                                  

week of 10/14

M            No class       ***あきやすみ***

T             No class

W           Ch 3    Asking for favors and explaining how to do something    起    寝    使    作
                G 1,2     ーてくれる/ーないでくれる

R              Ch 3 voc., listen to the dialog  G.1,2 practice                教    洗    切    持

F              G. 3,4                                                                        待    始    終 着

week of 10/21

M              G 5                                                                           Ch 3 voc Q
                 ーてみる、ーていく/ーてくる                               取    貸    借    返

T            practice                                                                     走    歩    乗  友    達

W      speaking practice                                                        grammar Q Ch 3

R            integration                                                                   肉    魚     牛    鳥

F          Ch 4    Rules
             G 1, 2        ーてはいけない/だめ、ーなければならない、ーなくてもいい
                                                                                      野 菜  料    理    材

week of 10/28

M         word processing                                                           Kanji test Ch 3                                                 


T          Ch 4 voc. listen to the dialog, G 1,2  practice                    便    局    部 屋

W         G 3        ーながら、ーあいだ(に)                            番 号 紙    物    包

R         practice                                                                           Ch 4 voc quiz

F          G4    ーし                                                                    送     両 親    供

week of 11/4

M         G 5    ーなら                                                               名    英    宿 題

T           practice                                                                        質    問    漢    字 

W          speaking practice                                                          grammar Q Ch. 4

R           integration                                                                    文    法   勉    授    業

F           reading                                                                          忘    受    卒

week of 11/11

M            Ch 5    My future, making preparations
               transitive, intrasitive verbs in Japanese                           Kanji test Ch 4

T             Ch 5 voc., listen to the dialong                                     研    究    練    習

W            G 1,2                                                                       仕    事    医    者
                もう、まだ、 ーため

R             practice                                                                      Ch 5 voc quiz

 F            G 2,3                                                                          新    古    長    短

week of 11/18

M            G 4                                                                         同    違    静  難

T            practice                                                                   結    婚    式  決    考

W           G 5                                                                          忙    色    々    開    閉

R           practice                                                                    招      外    留    悪

F           speaking practice                                                        grammar Q Ch 5


week of 11/25

M          reading

T           homework due

W         No class       ***かんしゃさいのおやすみ***

R          No class

F          No class

week of 12/2

M            seeking advice, giving advise  そうだん

T             integration                                                                                       Kanji test Ch 5

W           describing an event and telling a story

R            practice

F            practice                                                                                               J-6 A,B

week of 12/9

M           Review for the final exam

T          Oral test

W         Oral test

R          Oral test

F          Oral test

Final Examination  (Final Examination Week)