After being accepted by a Japanese university, your next step will be to deal with the complications of arranging a trip to Japan. This page contains useful links that will help you organize your study abroad trip, as well as inform you about traveling in Japan

Before Travelling

Japan FAQ
Japanese Manners & Etiquette

Sample Airfare
IACE Travel

Major International Airports:

Tokyo area:
Narita Airport

Osaka/Kyoto area:
Kansai Airport

Nagoya area:
Nagoya Airport

Inexpensive Places to Stay:
tabi joy

Youth Hostels:
Japan Youth Hostels, Inc.

Japanese Style Inns (Ryokan):
Japanese Inn Group

Discount Hotels:
MyTrip - an accomodation search engine

Wheelchair Travel

Accessible Japan

Railroad Pass

Japan Railroad Pass (JR Pass)

Japanese Yen

Pricecheck Tokyo
Foreign Currency Converter

Consulate General of Japan

Consulate General of Japan in New York - the closest office to MHC is in Boston



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