Map of Ireland Ireland in Europe
Coat of Arms
  • Capital: Dublin
  • Time: +1 GMT
  • Area: 70,280 sq km
  • Population: 10,286,470 (July 1998 estimated)
  • Currency: Irish Pound
  • Form of government: republic; bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (60 seats; 49 elected by the universities and from candidates put forward by five vocational panels; 11 are nominated by the prime minister; members serve four-year terms) and the House of Representatives (166 seats; members are elected by direct popular vote and proportional representation to serve four-year terms); President elected by popular vote to serve seven-year terms; Prime minister nominated by the House of Representatives and appointed by the president.
  • Official languages: Irish, English is the language generally used
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (93%), Anglican (3%), other (4%)
  • National holiday: Saint Patrick's Day, 17 March


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Bank of Ireland Mansion House Dublin Towers in Dublin Dublin
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