European Studies Seminar 316f
European Cities and Countryside in Films: Romance and Renewal
Coordinator Nicole Vaget, Professor of French

Films are shown on Sunday night from 7 to 9 in Ciruti 9 , and/or can be viewed individually in LRC

The seminar meets on Monday 7 to 9:00 PM in CIRUTI 9

A series of film presentations and seminars each led by a different faculty member who will focus on a specific European city or countryside. Issues to be discussed could include the opposition of rural and urban culture, social change and alienation, expressionism and new objectivity, the search for identity of self and nation, as well as the relationship of film and reality. This course will be managed via the Web.

Syllabus for Fall 2000
9/11 Introduction by Nicole Vaget at MHC
Presentation of Gateway to Europe, Ciruti 9 (7 to 9pm):
 9/18 "History of founding of European Union and challenges facing it for today and in future" a presentation by Julie Fette, assistant professor of French at MHC, Ciruti 9 (7 to 9pm):
 Palermo, Sicily
9/24 "Open Doors" by director Gianni Amelio
9/25 "Palermo A.D.1937: Death Penalty in Fascist Italy in Gianni Amelio's film "Open Doors" a presentation by Francesca Santovetti, visiting associate-professor of Italian at MHC, Ciruti 9 (7 to 9pm)
10/1 : "La Dolce Vita" by diector Federico Fellini
10/2 : "La Dolce Vita:Myth and Irony" a presentation by John Varriano, professor of art at MHC, Ciruti 9 (7 to 9pm)
 October Break
Towns of the Catalonian region in Spain
10/15: "1919, Chronicle of Dawn", a film by Antonio J. Betancort (1983). This movie is based on a novel, under the same title, written by Ramon J. Sender.
10/16: Ciruti 9 (7 to 9pm) "The Impossible Dream of Revolution in Spain" a presentation by Nieves Romero-Diaz, assistant-professor of Spanish at MHC, in Ciruti 9 (7 to 9pm)
The French countryside
10/ 22 "Farrebique" ( a chronicle of a year in the life of a farm family in central France. Views of nature, intercut with scenes of seasonal activities to emphasize the movement of time), by director Georges Rouquier (1947)
This is not a video. You will have to attend the projection of the film in Dwight 202 on Sunday 10/22 from 7 to 9, or on Monday 10/23 from 4 to 6.

10/ 23: "French Peasants, a lost civilization", a presentations by Nicole Vaget, professor of French at MHC, Ciruti 9 (7 to 9pm)
10/29: Films on Berlin, Germany:
  • Run, Lola Run" by director Tom Tykwer
  • The Murderers are among us" by director Wolfgang Staudte,
  • Wings of Desire" by director Wim Wenders
10/30: "Spaces for History in the New berlin", a presentation by Cornelius Partsch, visiting assistant professor of German at MHC
11/6: Presentation by Peter Scotto, associate-professor of Russian at MHC (postponed)
11/12: Film on Portugal: Lisboa by Wim Wenders
11/13: Historic of Lisbon, a presentation by Jose Ornelas, professor of Spanish and Portugese at UMass
 11/20: no class
 11/27: no class
12/1: "A window to Paris" by director Yuri Mamin to be shown in Ciruti 123, Sunday. december 3, 7pm,
12/4 "Semiotics of St Petersburg", a presentation by Peter Scotto, associate-professor of Russian at MHC, in Ciruti 9

 12/11: Students' presentations and discussion. + PAPER DUE

Nicole Lieberman:

Miranda Restovic:

Christy Mulshine:

Erin Highfield:


 For the final paper you should select a topic and choose a professor who will guide you in identifying ressources and will give you a grade for your work. This professor can be one of the presenters, or any other member of the European Studies program.
Please, inform me of your choice as soon as you can .

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