Eurst 316 Spring 02, Skinner 202, Monday 7-9
 The New Europe


A history of the European community from 1950 to the present.
  • How does it function?
  • What are the attitudes of each of its members?
  • What are its actual problems:
  • European money, European agriculture, European attitudes toward imigration?
  • Is there a European culture?


Syllabus updated regularly
1/28: Nicole Vaget/ Penny Gill
Introduction: presentation of "Gateway to Europe"
 2/4: Penny Gill Politics of European Integration
 2/11 lecture by Bill McKibben, environmental activist and author, Gamble  The Environment as Moral Challenge
2/12 Jens Christiansen Introduction of the Euro
2/18 Jens Christiansen Introduction & Historical Overview of European Economic Integration
2/25 Raven Fonfa, reference librarian, Library 231  Presentation of MHC and 5 College library ressources: books, e-books and on-line information
3/4 A. Palluel-Guillard  Historical perspective on previous attempts to seek a European unity
 3/11 A. Palluel-Guillard  Building of the European community from 1945 to the present
 (Semester break)  
 3/25 A. Palluel-Guillard  European institutions
 4/1 A. Palluel-Guillard  European institutions
 4/8 A. Palluel-Guillard  The Welfare State and social policy
 4/15 A. Palluel-Guillard  Foreign and military policies
 4/22 A. Palluel-Guillard  Centralization and regionalization
 4/29 A. Palluel-Guillard  Visit of Gildas Hamel
 5/6 A. Palluel-Guillard  Unity and expansion of EU

Faculty involved in the seminar
<> = Jens Christiansen, Professor of Economics at MHC
<> = Penny Gill, Professor of politics, MHC
<> = Nicole Vaget, Professor of French , MHC
< >= André Palluel-Guillard, Professor of History, Université de Savoie, France
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