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 Peter Berek: Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

Office: Mount Holyoke--515 Williston Library (Faculty Study, south end of 5th tier of stacks).

           Amherst College--20 Johnson Chapel

Office Hours: Mount Holyoke, Wednesday, 4:15-6 and by appointment.

Amherst College, Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30-3:30; and by appointment.

Phones: Home, 253-9166. Amherst College, 542-5408. Please contact by email or at home telephone.

E-mail (

Fall 2010

English 317 at Mount Holyoke

English 35 at Amherst College

available for independent work at MHC.

Link to Amherst Web Page


Spring 2011

Not offering courses; available for independent workat Mount Holyoke.

Recent MHC Courses

Shakespeare, The Theater and the Book

Gender and Power in Early Modern Theater




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