Greek 101
Elementary Homeric Greek
Fall 2011

From the citadel of Mycenae,
April 2010


This course introduces the ancient Greek language and epic meter through the study of the Iliad. The grammar of the Iliad, originally an oral poem, is relatively uncomplicated, so that by the middle of the first semester students will begin to read the poem in Greek and by the end of the year will have read a portion of Iliad, Book I.

General Information:


    • Clyde Pharr, Homeric Greek (from the Odyssey Bookstore)
    • P. Debnar, Elementary Greek through Homer (from professor)


    • Animated guide to writing Greek letters (M. Katz, Wesleyan)
    • More on Greek letters
    • Audio files for Homeric Greek (P.Debnar)
    • Magnet exercises
    • Troy (Univ. of Cincinnati; on excavations, history, legends)

Greek miscellanea