Mount Holyoke College
Greek 201: Intermediate Greek
Syllabus, Fall 2010

General Information:

    • MWF 9:00-9:50 Ciruti 113
    • Instructor: Paula Debnar
    • Office: Porter 140
    • Office Hours through 9/27 by appt.; after 9/27 Tues. 4-5:30
    • Email:—Phone: x2873


      Required: A. Barbour, Selections from Herodotus (from the Odyssey Bookstore)
      Optional: Liddell-Scott: Intermediate Greek Dictionary (order on your own)

Requirements:to pass the course you must pass all five requirements.

    • Class performance 20% *
    • Quizzes 20%
    • Exam 1 (roughly end of Sept. or early October) 20%
    • Exam 2 (early November) 20%
    • Final Exam (mid-December, during self-scheduled exam period) 20%

*You must participate in class activities, which means you must be in class. That said, you have 3 "free"absences to use for emergencies, minor illnesses, being stranded off campus by a snow storm, and the like. You need not explain these absences, but you should spend them wisely. Additional absences will lower your class performance grade

If you must miss a class, be sure to re-read thoroughly the assigned lessons, and consult with a member of the class concerning what you missed (including translations, explanations of grammar, and assignments). If you have lingering questions, please bring them to office hours—or suggest a time for an appointment.

Disabilities: Students with disabilities must provide a letter from "Disability Services" indicating the kinds of accommodations required.

Please read the "Use—and Misuse—of Translations Policy"