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A collaboration between Mount Holyoke College and
Mosier Elementary School, South Hadley, MA


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Science Buddies are Mount Holyoke undergraduates who volunteer in the local elementary school, working with classroom teachers to enhance the science curriculum. Buddies have brought classes to the college greenhouse, geology collections and biology labs, overseen the 4th grade Science Fair, participated in an Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project, and gained experience in elementary teaching. A more complete description of the program can be read in an article published in the August 2009 issue of PLoS Biology (Public Library of Science).

"It's Elementary: Science Buddies Bring Biology To Life"

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As part of's International Day of Climate Action on October 24, 2009 the Buddies made a banner with the Mosier children consisting of hundreds of handprints, and uploaded a photo of "The Future is in Our Hands" to the website.