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Rachel Fink
Professor of Biological Sciences
215 Clapp Laboratory
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA 01075
Tel (413) 538-2149

I arrived at Mount Holyoke in September of 1986, and have been teaching developmental biology ever since. Currently I teach the second semester of Introductory Biology (How Organisms Develop), an advanced developmental biology class (The Cellular and Molecular Basis of Development) and a seminar course in Cloning and Stem Cells. My research centers on questions of cell rearrangements during early development, with particular emphasis on the role of the cytoskeleton in motile cells of fish embryos. These embryos are outstanding for visualizing the events of early development on the cytoskeletal, cellular, and tissue levels. One of my movies of actin dynamics in a killifish cell crawling in the living embryo won the 2006 Celldance competition sponsored by the American Society for Cell Biology, and you can view it HERE.

I have published two compilations of video sequences used in teaching cell and developmental biology. A Dozen Eggs: Time-lapse Microscopy of Normal Development was published jointly by the Society for Developmental Biology and Sinauer Associates, Inc. in 1991. In 1995 I produced CELLebration for the American Society for Cell Biology, published by Sinauer Associates, Inc. The videos in CELLebration are now available online as part of the American Society for Cell Biology's Image and Video Library.

The work I have done with the teaching of bioethics in introductory biology courses (focusing on the national debate about cloning and stem cells) has been published in the online journal Cell Biology Education. See Fink, R.D. 2002. Cloning, stem cells, and the current national debate: Incorporating ethics in a large introductory biology course. Cell Biology Education 1(4):132-144. You can access the article HERE.