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Biological Sciences
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley,MA-01075
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Bio 200, 2007


This site is for those curious about eggs, embryos, cells and tissues.
How does an egg become a multicellular embryo, rich in cell types and extracellular matrices? Here you can watch cells squirm,crawl,
divide, and differentiate--and celebrate life at the cellular level!

10/09: More success in photomicroscopy contests: Haruka Fujimaki (MHC '10) won 9th place in the 2009 Olympus Bioscapes Photomicroscopy competition for her image of three Atlantic Salmon larvae, and I earned an Honorable Mention for a picture entitled "Inkjet Squid".

These four images were honored by the 2008 MBL Photomicrography contest and the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition 2008
(click on the montage for larger images and info)

Science Buddies participated in the International Day of Climate Action 10/24/09:


"Run Silent, Run Deep," one of my movies of actin dynamics
in a migrating cell, won first place in the
2006 American Society for Cell Biology Celldance Contest

Amelia Harris (MHC '07) won an honorable mention in the
2006 Olympus Bioscapes International Digital Imaging competition,
with a photo of a squid embryo she took in the lab for Bio 305.

Fall 2006: Advanced developmental biology class website (bio 305)
including a trip to the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA

Spring 2006, 2008: Bioethics class trips to Washington, D.C.

This is the website of Rachel Fink, Professor of Biological Sciences,
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA 01075