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Our textbook is Scott Gilbert's Developmental Biology, 6th Edition (2000) or 7th Edition (2003). Scott maintains a website with updates for his text, which you should visit often:

Another site you will find useful is the home page for the Society for Developmental Biology. This is maintained by Laurie Iten at Purdue University, and she is one active "webmeister"! She updates often, and the site provides links to a wide range of developmental biology laboratories, and pages devoted to model organisms (sea urchins, fruit flies, mice, etc.). You will find videos, references, protocols, and jokes by cruising through this treasure trove:

One of my favorite (wild!) collaborators, Mark Cooper (University of Washington) has created a site called "Fishscope". Featured in Science magazine this spring (Netwatch page) it contains videos of early fish development. These are large files, and take some time to download, but they are worth it .

The journal Molecular Biology of the Cell has put some wonderful videos on line, and includes some information about publishing videos on the web. Look for the "sample videos" button at:

Suggestions for links to be added are always welcome.