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In the middle of riots and protest, a miniskirted French student gets more than one glance from the police brigade (Paris -May 68')
A student dressed as a cool sixties' chick manifests against Mt. Holyoke's library renovation (Mount Holyoke- November 1968) A. Edmonds'book "A memory book: MHC1837-1987)

During the 1960s, young people began to reject conformity and to advocate a liberal attitude and lifestyle. They fought "the establishment," which they believed was classified by institutions such as the church, the government and forms of higher education- institutions that controlled the moral, political and social norms.

The revolutionary trends spread rapidly and were especially prevalent among college and university students. Mount Holyoke women were strong participants in this development and promoted change both on and off campus. Students rebelled against the rigidity of college rules, fought to obtain control over their own lifestyles, and to have a role in the governance of college. A very significant change that Mount Holyoke students lobbied for was to change how the press and the general public viewed Mount Holyoke women. Although Mary Lyon's successors did attempt to update the perception of students, the outside world still viewed Mount Holyoke women as dowdy and old-fashioned.


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