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Courtesy of Mount Holyoke Archives


The women pictured above, to your left, were drawing a flanged pocket in a new mechanical drawing class. These Holyokes were: front row: Evelyn Chiliase, NYC; Eileen Tilton, Trenton, NJ, Caryl Gettler, Rockville Ctr, NY. 2nd Row: Nadia Lamb, Jacksonville, FL; Hilma Anderson, Margate, NJ; and Nancy Inman, Worcester, MA.

New Classes
In a letter to the Dean of Moravian Seminary and College for Women, dated October 29, 1942, Dean Allyn listed the following changes, in addition to the mechanical drawing class, that were made to the curriculum to prepare students directly for war production work.

  • Astronomy 202. Principles of Navigation
  • Economics 325 Economics of War
  • Mathematics 233 Introduction to Statistics
  • Physics 107 Elementary Principles of Flight
  • Physics 304 Radio Tube Circuits

Changes to curriculum were also made to provide background material for understanding the crisis in Europe and to prepare students for government work.

  • History 305 Imperialism and Nationalism in the Eastern World: Africa and the Near East
  • History 306 Imperialism and Nationalism in the Eastern World: The Far East
  • History 309 Europe 1914 to the present
  • History 325 Seminar in the history of Latin American Republics
  • Political Science 246 The Politics of War and War Time Controls
  • Portuguese 101-102 Elementary Portuguese

She added that extra-curricular activities such as a Red Cross First Aid Course, a Red Cross Teachers Course, a Red Cross Nutrition Course, Home Nursing, Radio Defense (which was an introduction to Radio Signalling and Operation), Shorthand and Typing were all available to students.(70)



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