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1939 UCLA Poll Results

1939 Poll Results - A nationwide survey of campus opinions was conducted that year by the California Daily Bruin of UCLA. A total of 380 Mt. Holyoke students participated.The poll, conducted by the Mount Holyoke News, stated that a majority of students supported the "cash and carry" principle of trade with belligerents in Europe.

  • A wide majority overwhelmingly opposed United States entrance into the European war under conditions current at that time. However, if the United States was directly attacked, 345 students said they would join in the fight; only 33 students indicated they would remain pacifists.
  • An overall pacifist tendency was indicated, however, by the agreement of 267 students who would not defend the Monroe Doctrine if any western hemisphere country was attacked.
  • Nor did they support United States involvement if U.S. maritime rights were violated or American ships sunk with any American passengers. Only 99 voted for involvement under that condition and 267 were opposed.
  • The possibility of an attack on U.S. territorial possessions had a different result with 209 students supporting involvement and 167 against.
  • The survey concluded by posing this question: If Germany is defeated, do you think the totalitarian form of government will be prevented? The nays outnumbered the yeas 223-153. The Mount Holyoke students were, unfortunately, correct in this assumption.(22)


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