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Williston Memorial Library. Courtesy of MHC Archives.


Following the Depression, Charles Collens, a principle in the architectural firm of Allen, Collens and Willis of Boston, with a fine reputation, was called in for consultation. Collens was informed of the requirements needed for a successful library expansion plan. They included the need to harmonize the new with the old, to meet unexpected difficulties with the soil under the foundation, and to continue to produce a good building for less money. He proposed a simpler, less costly addition which was dedicated on Founder’s Day, November 8, 1935.

The addition to the library is a beautiful, multifaceted academic building and is representative of Collegiate Gothic style architecture. The extension, an east wing complete with the Gothic tower, changed the library from a “T” to an “H”. The use of brown Longmeadow sandstone harmonizes with its architectural surroundings, confirming its proper place on campus. The exterior features a symmetrical front façade with a pointed arch doorway, reflective of Gothic cathedrals of Europe. The entryway was shifted to an interior focus in accordance with the orientation of the campus. There is stone, lace-like ornamentation along the building and the stonework at the top of the tower emits a feeling of strength and vitality to the surrounding campus.

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