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Gone But Not Forgotten:

Lost Sites No Longer on Campus

The Upper Lake Boathouse, ca. 1965. Courtesy of MHC Archives (24).
The College Inn, South Hadley, MA, ca. 1948. Courtesy of MHC Archives (25).

“Some things are going to change, and you have to accept that.”
-Jennette Teece, ’59 (26).


While change is inevitable, the preservation of what is lost to change is imperative. The College Inn and the accessability to Upper Lake were two very popular and valued things to students and faculty alike. Elements of traditional student life were lost with both of them. However, through the memories people have of them, the impact they had on the campus will never be forgotten.

The College Inn was a popular Inn and restaurant located accross from the campus on College Street. It was a place to go with friends or dates to eat, relax, amd escape the pressures of academic life.

Upper Lake, though still on campus, is no longer open for swimming or recreational activities. Until the 1960s, however, college athletic and academic classes were held around the boathouse, now also closed. To read about the changing ecology of the lake, click here.

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