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Amy Hewes
Pioneering Efforts at Mount Holyoke


Professor Amy Hewes. Courtesy MHC Archives.(30)

Professor Amy Hewes was quite an amazing woman indeed. She received her B.A. in 1897 from Goucher College, received her Masters' Degree from the University of Berlin in 1900, and in 1903, she received her PH.D. from the University of Chicago. Her tenure Mount Holyoke College began in 1905, and in 1943 she retired after 38 years of service.

Professor Hewes was a very well-liked and respected part of the Mount Holyoke College Community. Her success as a professor is obvious in the amount of respect she drew from her collegues and students. Not afraid to tackle subjects that were cutting edge for the day, Ms. Hewes had an intricle role in the development of a number of programs & legislature that we can all be thankful for today. She was the "executive secretary for the first Massachusetts Minimum Wage Commission which adopted a minimum wage law in 1912, a law that soon spread to other states and later the federal government, and today covers millions of employees" (31) Professor Hewes dedicated her life to education and social service. To her, we owe a great deal of gratitude for her drive, devotion, and committment.


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