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Social Service Projects - Mount Holyoke College

The following is a partial ist of the social service projects and activities at Mount Holyoke College during the 1968-1969 academic year. (33)

Community Organization:
Urban Ministry Incorporated - College Force. A program is being developed by Mount Holyoke students and Holyoke's Urban Minister which will enable students to participate in the reformulation of "South City," Holyoke's Ward II area. Students will use their research skills to study the area and to analyze problems, and will work with South City residents in the creation and shaping of new social structures.

Educational Projects:
Holyoke Tutorial Project: Approximately 125 students tutor elementary school students in Holyoke Public Schools, Wards I, II, and IV. Holyoke Tutorial Project also sponsors a Neighborhood Center Program. Students work in the Ward I Neighborhood Center, organizing recreational programs after school hours and supervising evening study halls. The Project is funded by Commonwealth Service Corps.

Children's Protective Services Tutorial Program: Students work in cooperation with Children's Protective Services to provide one-to-one relationships with children who experience emotional deprivation and/or physical abuse. The children are brought to campus one day a week to spend time with their "tutor".

Recreational Programs:
Riverview Project: Mount Holyoke students volunteer to run sports and recreational programs at the Riverview Housing Development in Springfield. Children and teenagers living in the Riverview Development take part in the recreational activities throughout the school year.

Skinner Community House: This limited program is designed to increase local participation at Skinner Community House, which is located in Holyoke's South City. To this end, students both teach a sewing class and recruit local people for the class.

Student Organizations:
Students For One Society (S.O.S.): The purpose of this organization is to inform and educate the white community abut existing raqcial problems. At the present time there are three sub-groups of S.O.S.; the Urban Studies Group which as set up Congressional Files with voting records of all Congressmen, a Discussion Group which plans to show films in the dorms and lead discussions, and the S.O.S. Newsletter Group which will publish news of S.O.S. and the Afro-American Society's activities along with other pertinent materials.

Biafra Relief Fund: Students are raising money which Church World Services will use to send food to Biafrans. Those involved are concerned with awakening the Campus to the severity of the war as well as with collecting funds.


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