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The above image, taken in 1944 is of Arabella Anderson ('44) and Helen Barrett ('43) scraping windows. They were members of the Mount Holyoke College Farmer's Aid Comm. Courtesy MHC Archives.(21)


The students of Mount Holyoke had instilled in them the ideologies of Mary Lyon. Service activities towards their immediate community as well as the greater Christian community of the world inspired the students to participate, experience, and put to use the principles of their education. The earliest “community service” activities would have to have been the efforts of the numerous missionaries produced by Mount Holyoke. Students from Mount Holyoke traveled worldwide to participate in missionary activities. Locally, the girls were beginning to participate and establish groups and organizations that would not only promote the interactions between the students and the greater South Hadley community, but would play an instrumental part in the development of our present day community based learning courses and community service activities.

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