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Mount Holyoke's Y.W.C.A. Students
Advocates of Local Social Service


The inscription on the back of this image reads as follows:

"Miss Virginia M. Hunt (54'), of 5 Garden Street, New Britain, a freshman at Mount Holyoke College, and two of her fellow students, surrounded by a group of settlement home children from Holyoke, Mass., whom they entertained on the South Hadley campus recently. Miss Hunt is a member of the Social Service Committee of the college Y.W.C.A. which sponsored the day's outing. As part of her social service work, Miss Hunt conducts classes at the settlement house. Miss Hunt is at the extreme left end of the back row". Courtesy MHC Archives (35)


Y.W.C.A. on the Mount Holyoke Campus: The Young Women's Christian Association began on the campus of Mount Holyoke due to the student's interest in social service work. "In 1893, the MHMA was incorporated under the YWCA as the Missionary Literature Committee, and the Student Volunteer Movement chapter was formed in 1894" . With the formalization of the MHMA on campus, student involvement with missionary efforts would "flourish into the twentieth century"(36).

In 1935, the Y.W.C.A. organization on campus was replaced with the newly established Fellowship of Faiths. Because the Y.W.C.A. was fundamentally a Christian organization, it in a way excluded the members of the MHC community who had other religious beliefs. The Fellowship of Faiths "provided an ecumenical milieu in which students could share and learn from one another" (36).

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