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Students entertain sailors in 1943. Courtesy MHC Archives(20)



The first half of the the 1940's brought World War II directly onto the doorsteps and into the minds of all of the students at Mount Holyoke. Because of rationing and donation of funds and effort towards the war fronts, many of the little luxuries, such as biscuits with butter at in-room teas, had to be foregone, as well as more important traditions, such as Junior Ball. Yet the students didn't lack for company, and in fact, felt that it was their patriotic duty to entertain all troops, especially the ones at Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee. The students also socialized and got to know the WAVES, who were stationed at Mount Holyoke for a few years.

Living in the Living Rooms: However, after the war, life began to drastically change as the dreary clouds of the Depression lifted. Roswell Ham began to reshape the college's image into a place of gracious living. This change could not only be seen in college sponsored activities, but also in the location of student socialization.

Tea: Tea parties too moved downstairs, back into the living rooms where they had been back before the turn of the century and the burning of the seminary building.


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