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Student study in their room in 1914.The college did not provide desks to students; often roommates would split that cost of a desk and share. Courtesy MHC Archives(1)


The 1940's and 1910's were two very different times for the United States and for Mount Holyoke. While each decade had a World War,1910 and 1940 were very different in terms of etiquette, clothing, economics, and the ways and means of social interaction. For students, life changed the most in the ways that they spent their free time on campus.

1910 A Surprisingly Raucous Time..... While the students of the 1910's threw themselves into college activities, they had little time for socializing. When they did get a free moment, they socialized almost exclusively with other students in their personal rooms upstairs.

1940 Between the War Effort and Classes.....In contrast, students of the 1940's did not involve themselves in as many committees and clubs and therefore had much more free time. Most of this time was spent across the street at Gleisman's Pharmacy, or in the dorm living rooms and quite frequently, in the company of men!

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