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Friendship at Mount Holyoke College
A Thriving Institution
Marion Osborne, 1909,top right, with some her teammates. Learn about her influence on the college. Courtesy MHC Archives(1).
Sarah "Doobie" Dougan, Rachel Kahn and Sarah Fucci share what it is like to make friends at current day Mount Holyoke.
Emily Hucker, Betsy Chase, Madeline H. Helen Cook, Louise Miller, Ruth Mcgregor at their two year reunion. They made friendships to last for ages. Courtesy MHC Archives (2)

Friendship is an important part of the college experience. No matter where you go or who you talk to someone will always think that the friends they had in college were the greatest. This is particularly true with Mount Holyoke College graduates. The Community that the college creates encourages long-lasting relationships amongst its students. Because of the small size of the school students are included at almost every level of operation of the college; each student is in some way responsible for her classmates experiences at school. This environment allows a students to see,know, and appreciate many of her schoolmates. From this continuous interaction friendships are born, cultivated and nourished. This portion of the atlas will help you explore the different ways friendship has influenced the college and the women in attendence. I have divided the topic of Friendship into the sections that follow. However, it is important to note that not everyone has the same experience with fellow students. People and relationships can change like the water flowing under the bridge that crosses over to the Delles and 1837. I have included stories that seem repeated enough to suggest a common experience amongst students, but I can attest to the fact that not every student who has come and gone through MHC has lived through what is described.

Friend from Afar: There seems to be a tradition at Mount Holyoke of admiring the women you are surrounded by. The women most involved in college leadership activities tend to be the most honored. Click on this section to learn about the girl who you always wanted to be friends with but could never get enough of.

Close Knit Friends: Most women develop some sort of regular circle of people with whom they travel. These are the women that you spend chatting with all night instead of doing your work. Click on this section to learn about those friends you need more than anything.

Community of Friends: There are times when the college seems to come together as a whole. Feeling that you are an essential piece of the college is motivating and inspiring. Click on this section to learn about the unification of the college, past present and future.

Friendly Communication: Getting in and keeping in touch with people is important to maintaining a friendship. Students have found many ways to get their peers attention without saying a word. Click on this section to learn about those little notes you’ve received.


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