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General Information on Mount Holyoke Representatives in Hawaii

The following is a list of Mount Holyoke women who traveled to Hawaii as missionaries and teachers. The information is taken from the data sheets available at Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections. The information listed includes; names of the women, year they married, their spouses name, their class year (an X denotes the last year that the student attended Mount Holyoke but did not graduate,) ABCFM- American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missionaries (The group that most of the Mount Holyoke women were affiliated with during their missions,) some were also affiliated with AMA- American Missionary Association, length of stay and location of travel if said information was available.

*Note: Missionaries are listed in order of class year.

Key: 0- Class Year, Married Name, Maiden Name, First Name, Husband's Name, DOB- Date of Birth, DOD- Date of Death, Travel Dates, Missionary Group Affiliation, YM- Year Married, Locations traveled to within Hawaii and organizations that they worked for.

1. x1841, Whittlesey, Baldwin, Elizabeth K., Eliphalet
DOB: ? DOD: 1905, Traveled to Hawaii: 1839, Returned from Hawaii: 1853 ABCFM
YM: 1843 1- Hana

2. C/O 1845, Taylor, Thurston, Persis, G., Townsend, E.
DOB? DOD 1906, Traveled to Hawaii: 1848, Returned from Hawaii: ? ABCFM
YM: 1847, 6 Children. POB- Honolulu, HI. 1- 3rd White child born on the Islands, 1- at Lahaina she worked with the sailors, 3- Mr. Taylor- Pastor at Foreign Church Honolulu

3. C/O 1845, Mills, Tolman, Susan L., Cyrus Taggart.
DON? DOD 1912 Traveled to Hawaii: 1860, Returned from Hawaii: 1864
YM 1848, POB Enosburgh, VT. 1- Teacher at Oahu College 2- Husband- President of Oahu College.

4. x1842, Pogue, Whitney, Maria K. John F.
DOB ~1822 DOD 1900 Traveled to Hawaii: 1844, Returned from Hawaii: 1882 ABCFM POB= Waiamea, HI. 1- Chief’s School before marriage, 2- Kona, HI. 3- Lahainaluna Seminary (Principal from 1852-1866) 4- One of the early missionaries.

5. C/O 1841, Rowell, Chapin, Malvina J., George B.
DOB? DOD 1901 Traveled to Hawaii: 1842, Returned from Hawaii:1893 ABCFM
POB- Newport, NH. 1- Waialua, Oahu 1yr. 1- Waiole, Kauai 2yrs. 3- Waimea, Kauai- 1- Ran a Sunday School and Women’s prayer meetings, 2 later had a large day school and taught sewing etc to women.

6. x1850, Andrews, (Bowmen), Gilson, Samantha W., C.B. (B.B.)
DOB? DOD 1904 Traveled to Hawaii: 1871, Returned from Hawaii:1874 American Board, YM- 1863 and 1887, 15 Children, 1- East Maui Seminary- Lahainaluna 2- Went to Hawaii to assist her sister in care of her 6 children, stayed only a short time. 3- On the death of her sister, she returned to marry her sister’s husband.

7. x1850 Goodale, Whitmore, Ellen R., Warren.
DOB? DOD 1861 YM- 1858, 2 Children.

8. x1851 Bigham, Elizabeth K. ABCFM
DOB 1829 DOD 1899 POB- Honolulu, Hi. Traveled to Hawaii: 1868, Returned from Hawaii: 1880 1. Middle name- Ka’ahumanu- was not baptized that, but was always known by that name among the Ali’is (Chiefs) who gave it to her as the name of their best and favorite queen. 2. interesting letter in file- “Mount Holyoke Missionaries to Hawaii, Micronesia, and the Philippines” 3- 1868-1880 worked at Kawaiahau Seminary for Girls as a teacher and became principal in 1873.

9. C/O 1853, Chamberlain, Martha, A.J., DOB? DOD 1913 POB Honolulu
Traveled to Hawaii: 1853, Returned from Hawaii: 1877 1. 1855-60 Common of Gov’t schools of Hawaii 2. 1867-8 Hilo Boys Boarding School 3. 1872-76 Small Independent Private School 4. Kawaiahao Girls Seminar, 5. See sister, Maria J. (Chamberlain) Forbes, Hi. Many times as substitute from 1869-81. 6. taught in the Foreign School for White Children 5. 1881-83 Assistant Principal at Kawaiahao Girls Seminary at two different times from 1880-83. 6. City Missionary of Central Union Church, Honolulu, 1887-91.

10. x1854, Forbes, Chamberlain, Maria J., Addision
DOB? DOD 1909 Traveled to Hawaii: 1853, Returned from Hawaii:? YM- 1858, 4 children. POB Honolulu Punahou Lahaina- teacher. 1- 1853-5 Honolulu, Kokala Aged home- Matron Isle of Hawaii- teacher. 2. Molokaloale, Kalua’aha pastorate 9yrs. 3. Kaumala fill church- Honolulu 3yrs. 4. Lahainaluna Boys School- Maui 5. Hilo 1st Chursh Pastorate until 1880 6. Matron at Lunalilo Home for Aged and Indigent Hawaiians. 12 yrs.

11. x1854 Gulick, Clark, Ann Eliza, Orramel ABCFM
YM 1855, Adopted 5 Children POB- Honolulu, -Also a missionary in Japan. 1- 1853-5 Honolulu, teacher 2. Kauai- had a family school for girls. 3. 1864 Waialua, Oahu boarding school for girls 4. 1892 Honolulu- worked with the Japanese in Hawaii. 5. teacher and missionary in Japan and Hawaii. 6. wrote “Pilgrims of Hawaii” with husband 7. Adopted several children. 8. excellent description of work. See file: “Mount Holyoke Missionaries to Hawaii, Micronesia, and the Philippines”

12. C/O 1855, Carpenter, Helen E, 1- Maui Seminary 1871-85. 2. Kawaiahao Seminary Honolulu, Traveled to Hawaii: 1871, Returned from Hawaii: 1892. POB- Sturbridge MA.

13. C/O 1861 Perry, Martha A. 3 years in Hawaii. AMA – missionary group
DOD 1910.

14. C/O 1861, Montague, Emily B. 1- 1897-9 Nurse in Honolulu. 1- 1880-1902, Matron at Kohala Seminary for Girls in Hawaii. Traveled to Hawaii: 1897, Returned from Hawaii: 1902. DOD 1917

15. C/O 1862 Locke, Wilson, Marry Ann, J. Newton. YM- 1872. POB- Salisbury, NH.Traveled to Hawaii: 1888, Returned from Hawaii: 1892. 1- East Maui Seminary.

16. x1863 Norton, Helen S. Traveled to Hawaii: 1880, Returned from Hawaii:1884. POB- Dexter, Westenau Co. Michigan. 1- Kawaiahao Seminary for Girls in Honolulu- Principal

17. C/O 1872 Brown, Spooner, Mary E., Julius W. YM- 1894 POB- Oakham, Mass. 1- Oahu College, Honolulu.Traveled to Hawaii: 1884, Returned from Hawaii: 1891

18. x1877 Terry, Reamer, Cassie A., Willard S. YM- 1890 POB- Smithville, Waynelo, Ohio.1. Kamealineka Boys School, Hawaii. 2. Hilo Boarding School for Boys 1890-1897. 3. Principal of Preparatory Department at Boys school.

19. x1898, Babb, Emily A. POB- Oxford, MA. Hawaiian Board- Missionary Group Wailuku, Maui, stayed at the Alexander Home.

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