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Ruth Parker White

Class of 1917


Ruth reaching for the sky admidst a field of corn, 1949 (7). Courtesy of MHC Archives.

A White family photo, (ca.1950) (7). Courtesy of MHC Archives.
Emmons White (left) and his music teacher (7), (ca.1949). Courtesy of MHC Archives.

Ruth Parker married Rev. Emmons White after graduating from Mount Holyoke College. She made the trip to India when she 22 years old.
In the 40 years of their stay, she and Emmons were assigned to four different mission stations around Madura, in southern India (12).

Ruth’s letters chronicle (21) her journey. She describes the natives’ resistance to conversion, problems of caste, health issues, plague (15), famine and struggles with language. Often her school was the only home a student had. They adopted a native daughter in addition to their own three children

She and Emmons were in India during both World Wars. She wrote of the paucity of funds caused by the Great Depression – missions were funded mainly by charitable donations

Ruth’s affinity for social reform did not end with her return to the states in 1959.
She continued her life of service, volunteering to work with troubled youth, visiting prisoners, teaching a Bible course, and reading to the blind (22).

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